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JBoss EAP (Enterprise Application Platform) is the commercially supported version of community supported JBoss AS 7.x. JBoss EAP 7 is scheduled to be released next year and will provide full compliance with Java EE 7. In the meanwhile, JBoss EAP 6.3 is getting ready to be released later this year. Download JBoss EAP 6.3 Alpha, or this is also linked from the main downloads page. A quick summary...
on May 7, 2014
JBoss Forge is the fastest way to build your Java EE applications, and not even tied to a particular IDE or an Application Server. Tech Tip #17
on May 7, 2014
Oracle User Group Norway - Spring Seminar The OUGs are not the typical place for Java developers or community managers (namely me) to be. But OUGN has been working hard to build out a decent Java track with very good speakers, and it was a chance to see how the broader Oracle community is working together when it comes to Java. Also, I was in the neighborhood, more or less, and had never been on...
on Apr 21, 2014
Inaugural JavaLand in Germany It took trains, planes, and automobiles to get there. I had heard Germany ran some great conferences, but JavaLand was promised to be outstanding. Kevin already did an interview with one of the organizers, Markus Eisele, about why JavaLand is different. ( But, I got to see first-hand if they...
on Apr 20, 2014
In late January I considered what I'd do if I had several free months to wander Europe. A look at the Lanyard Java Conferences calendar gave me a great idea: I could wander through Europe from Java conference to Java conference, while also enjoying everything in between! My imaginary trip started in Stockholm, Sweden, with Jfokus 2014. I'm now traveling 1400 km southwest, to Br
on Mar 1, 2014


Did you know that events where JBoss technologies are presented are listed in a calendar ? Are you talking at an event about JBoss technology and its not listed here ? Do you know of any event where JBoss technologies are talked about and not listed in this calendar ? Send us a request by filling this form. Subscribe to this calendar using any of the following links:
on Apr 30, 2014
This a fun story rather than a deep technical discussion of some performance issue, measure or tool. My memory was jogged by a story ( in which Bill Atkinson reported producing -2000 lines of code on his weekly productivity report and by Kevlin Henney retweeting one of my one liners, features are the asset, code is a...
on Apr 2, 2014
"First-class functions in Java 8" - is a video tutorial from Java 8 in Action: Lambdas, Streams, and functional-style programming by Raoul-Gabriel Urma, Mario Fusco, and Alan Mycroft. The video can be found here: Java developers are hearing a lot of buzz about functional-style programming, especially with Java 8's addition of lambda expressions. This video introduces...
on Mar 17, 2014


We've been using TDD for Mojarra for nearly a decade now and after all that time, we have decent number of tests. For historical reasons these tests mostly use GlassFish, but we are naturally migrating them to use WebLogic Server. As part of that work, I had to learn how to set up a simple cluster in WebLogic Server 12.1.2 to validate the fix for this bug that prevents @ViewScoped beans from...
on Apr 25, 2014


Runtime type information (RTTI) refers to the correct identification of the type of your objects at run time. When you write code, it is generally desirable to do so in a way that takes advantage of OOP features like encapsulation and inheritance to make your program easily extensible, by for instance, as much as possible manipulating references to base classes and letting polymorphism work for...
on Apr 21, 2014
In this post, I try to give a reasonable account of Java's error handling system being as it is that the handling of errors is a concern that any reasonable programming language must find some way to contend with. Java's error handling methodology is based on an idea of exceptions. An exception is a condition that prevents your program from further executing along the current path. It signifies...
on Mar 5, 2014

Web Applications

While parts of the cloud IT that are still being hyped are changing rapidly, the whole segment is not past the hype yet. The cloud report [1] that Gartner published 9 months ago still holds true today. Reports of disillusioned customers of such solutions [2][3] are a clear sign that the hype might have reached its peak for most parts of cloud offerings, though. And while many articles discuss the...
on Mar 30, 2014
This entry lists Ed’s picks for the brand new JavaLand conference. Many of the talks are in German, but there is enough English to make it worth your time. It looks like there is a lot more English content in day two. Also, the conference was endorsed by editor Kevin Farnham in his blog post from Saturday, 1 March 2014. Monday 25 March 2014 Welcome and Keynote, Fried Saacke,...
on Mar 3, 2014


Nimbus is a cross-platform look and feel introduced in the Java SE 6 Update 10 (6u10) release. Based on Synth Look and Feel you can modify global properties. Properties can be simple (for example colors or dimensions) or more complex (for example Painters). If you want to create you own painter you will probably extends AbstractRegionPainter which is used to paint a certain Region (a region...
on Mar 13, 2014
Nimbus is a cross-platform look and feel introduced in the Java SE 6 Update 10 (6u10) release. It's not a perfect look and feel for several reasons but it has great potential. One of these reasons is the lack of window decorations support (Bug JDK-6675399). You can check the window decorations support of a look and feel by simply call the method getSupportsWindowDecorations on it....
on Feb 26, 2014


In the most recently completed poll, the community selected Jenkins as its preferred Continuous Integration (CI) server. This was the third in a series of polls related to Java tools. A total of 260 votes were cast in the poll. The exact question and results were: Which Continuous Integration (CI) server do you prefer? 7% (17 votes) - Bamboo 1% (2 votes) - Continuum 2% (6...
on Mar 9, 2014


In this last part, we will define styles for our frame. These styles will be shared by our border and our title pane to give to our frame decoration a look similar to the nimbus internal frame. There is some interesting code in the class NimbusLookAndFeel, unfortunately it's private. The inner class NimbusProperty will look up for standard key names. The class is usually used to easily populate...
on Mar 2, 2014

Web Services and XML

It actually happened a few weeks ago already, but I simply didn't find the time to spread the word earlier -- just too much other stuff to do (see end of posting), so I tell you now: WebDAV Support for JAX-RS 1.2 is out! What has happened since 1.1? First of all, 1.2 is a complete internal overhaul, which not only finally is covered with unit tests rather completely (which revealed several...
on Mar 1, 2014