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The development methodologies and tools we use to build software can also be applied to the way we do other things in our lives. Software development literally becomes part of who we are. How many times have you been around a table of folks (who are not involved in the high tech industry) and someone asks you what you do for a living? As you start to explain how you create software that can be...
on Jun 18, 2003
I’d like to take Eduardo‘s call to action one step further in terms of welcoming the non-English speaking international community to is a site with the potential to become the central train station for all things Java. As a community, we should be able to welcome all users and developers, regardless of their language. While I haven’t seen the source code for the site...
on Jun 17, 2003
Now that JavaOne and the Wisconsin Software Symposium are done, I've headed further east and am in Cleveland Ohio. I've stopped here for a few days to visit friends and get ready for the upcoming MacHack in Detroit. While here in Cleveland, Maciej Zawadzki (of UrbanCode) and Dan Steinberg (Editor-in-Chief of asked me to speak at the Cleveland Java User Group tonight. I'll be...
on Jun 17, 2003
Heading out of town today, I met Mark Thomas from IBM at the Hertz office. Seems he too needs a break after JavaOne. We're both (independently) heading to Yosemite for the weekend - in fact, I am writing this from the 'Happy Burger' in Mariposa ("if it's not perfect, don't serve it" ). I see Duncan's off to Wisconsin, as is Glen. I guess we all need to decompress - I wonder where other...
on Jun 14, 2003
Go home, have fun, and we'll do this again next year!
on Jun 13, 2003
I was born in Spain (in Barcelona, Catalunya), and grew up in Venezuela where I went to college. I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area for my graduate work and eventually came to work in the Java platform group at Sun Microsystems. Now I'm used to being at the center of the Java universe, and for many of my interactions I either walk down the hall, pick up the phone, or have a quick email...
on Jun 13, 2003
Hmm... Java Everywhere and Mobility have been pushed at us all week long. Great. So then, why isn't there ubiquitous, open access wifi throughout the conference? There's a handful of private networks that are available in various areas but nothing at all in most of the conference rooms. Not a very coherent message that the Java community is leading the technology world. :-(
on Jun 13, 2003
I've been hunting around all week for some clear idea of exactly how many people have attended this year's JavaOne show. In contrast to last year, there wasn't even very much gossip floating around about the attendence numbers. Well, Sun hasn't stated any official numbers that I've been able to find. However, in snooping around, I've found out that the attendence number is around 12,000. That'...
on Jun 13, 2003


(After the flurry of blogging last week at JavaOne, I've had to concentrate on work for a while. But I have a lot of notes from the conference that I'll continue to write about for a while.) My introduction to collaboration software was a talk by Pavel Curtis at a USENIX conference in January 1995. He talked about his research project, Jupiter, at Xerox PARC. That talk spoiled me ... none of...
on Jun 18, 2003

Web Services and XML

"(June 16, 2003) - In a survey recently commissioned by Actional Corporation, 93 percent of IT professionals at Fortune 2000 companies cite deploying Web services as a key IT initiative. The survey also found that more than 60 percent of all respondents plan to deploy a service-oriented architecture (SOA), using Web services, in the near future, with more than half of them expecting to deploy...
on Jun 17, 2003
According to this Compuware survey, 63% of respondents are involved in a Web services initiative. Also ".NET and J2EE are becoming the platform where integration happens."
on Jun 17, 2003


Last week's JavaOne conference was very interesting for me. In the four years since the first part of what would become J2ME escaped from Sun Labs at JavaOne 1999 (happy 4th birthday, KVM!), the technology world has leapt forward from a wired, PC centric phase into the wireless device nirvana we've all been hoping for and writing about for years. Or at least, that's what I'd like to believe...
on Jun 17, 2003


Jonathan Simon's weblog on the Sound API struck a nerve. I recently needed to use the javax.comm API to do serial communications with a ham radio. It's great stuff--it's easy to use, and I was writing code to control the radio within an hour or so. But it also looked like the API hadn't been touched since JDK 1.1.7 or thereabouts. There was no Linux port, no OS X port (yeah, I know, OS X...
on Jun 17, 2003
As many o fyou know, I have been working with music and audio programming in Java for quite some time. This included work with Java sound. After my JavaSound talk this year at JavaOne, I got to grab a bite to eat with my fellow presenters Phil Burk and Nick Didkovsky and JavaSound lead Florian Bomers. I've worked with Florian in the past, most;y communicating via the JavaSound listserv. Now, I...
on Jun 16, 2003

Open Source

Yesterday at GU4DEC I witnessed an amazing thing. Michael Meeks, a non-Sun member of the community (he works for Ximian) asking GNOME developers to join to make contributions! He actually handed me 10 signed JCAs (Joint Copyright Assignment) from new members ready to contribute code for the common good. This was awesome. The title of this blog refers to my (...
on Jun 17, 2003


This is a long blog (apologies, etc.) It turns out to be very difficult to blog at JavaOne. For me the main barrier is the lack of easy wireless acess in the General Session room, which I would like to see fixed for next year (I'm probably not alone). Wonder if its even possible to provide public wireless on a sufficient scale for the 15,000 or so people who watch the keynotes live? Well, the...
on Jun 17, 2003
Java One proves technology can be funny. The Scott McNealy keynote is always a highlight of Java One. This year, at Java One 2003, it was that stole the show, and a lot of laughs. Following the McNealy keynote, Jonathan Schwartz, EVP of Software for Sun Microsystems, took the stage and brought up several partners for demos. I believe we will be talking about the
on Jun 16, 2003
JavaOne is still going on for a few more hours, so a show wrap-up may be premature. But I have to leave early, so it's time to summarize my experience, at least. This was my sixth JavaOne. I wasn't quite sure what to expect this year; I was afraid the conference would be a lot smaller, and that the energy might be low. I'm glad to say it was great. I heard from two sources that the...
on Jun 13, 2003
After a fun week in San Francisco for JavaOne, there's a group of us, including fellow bloggers Jason Hunter, Glenn Vanderburg, and Mike Clark are heading on to the next Java conference on the schedule: The Wisconsin Java Software Symposium, part of the No Fluff Just Stuff conference series. It'll be interesting to make the shift from the big conference where there's lots of people that...
on Jun 13, 2003


JavaOne is over - thank God! It's a great conference for finding out who is doing what in Java, and there are lots of opportunities to learn Java-related things. But I prefer conferences not so identified with a single company - hey, even when it's my own. This month there are two different sorts of conferences that might deserve your look. Both are heavy into Java, but their focus is elsewhere....
on Jun 15, 2003