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I feel like I'm swimming upstream against a tide of derision from my peers, but unlike so many who disagreed with Jonathan Schwartz's recent article/editorial/advertisement on JDJ, I think what Jonathan said makes a lot of sense. What company in the world wants to invest time and money in creating custom, one-off IT systems which are completely orthogonal to its core business efforts? The status...
on Feb 10, 2004
Check out my Artima blog entry on the case study of JSR 166: Concurrency Utilities.
on Feb 10, 2004
Valentine and impending doom, when in the same sentence, are redundant. Perhaps the following lines from John Donne(1572 to 1631) might be of somehelp to the needy: If ever any beauty I did see,Which I desired, and got, 't was but a dream of thee Taken from John Donne's "Good Morrow". Visit Satya's Knowledge Folder on Humanities. Be forewarned though that no more valentine helpers may be...
on Feb 5, 2004


Java Developer Journal is running a press release, er, article about Sun's latest marcom that "Middleware is History". I suppose this phrase is in reaction to IBM's "Middleware is Everywhere" (witness the dueling billboards on Highway 101), but I don't think they're sending a positive message. The followups posted to this article are near universally negative. I realize that Sun is going...
on Feb 10, 2004
Version 1.0 of the XWork command processing framework and version 2.0 of the WebWork web application framework (which is built on top of XWork) have been released.
on Feb 9, 2004
So, I started playing around with a tool called Fujaba (a reasonable free Java/UML modeling tool). I needed something that would export UML class diagrams as vector graphics, and Fujaba seems to work fine (hint: increase the memory allocation from 128MB to something more reasonable, like 512MB). Unfortunately, the only vector format that Fujaba supports is SVG. I'd like to have an EPS instead...
on Feb 4, 2004


O’Reilly has gathered quite the diverse crowd at the Emerging Tech conference this week taking place in San Diego. Where else could you be exposed to a digital democracy teach-in and relativistic time dilation in the same place? Alpha geeks, start your engines.It was quite the interesting first day kicking off with leading edge technical tutorial sessions and a packed room of about 400 political...
on Feb 9, 2004
JSR 133 -- Java Memory Model and Thread Specification Revision has been released for public review. Note that the review period ends on March 7, 2004 so check it out and submit your comments sooner rather than later.
on Feb 9, 2004
My last blog entry, "You can make EJB better" generated a lot of feedback from developers on and I waited until Sunday night to review them so that people would have enough time to post their comments. What struck me, after counting and grouping relevant posts, was that the developer community desperately desires a simpler programming model for EJB. In particular...
on Feb 9, 2004
According to a NYTimes article, the US administration has decided not to use the SERVE e-voting system in the fall elections. According to Deputy Defense Secretary Paul D. Wolfowitz: "The department has decided not to use SERVE in the November 2004 elections. We made this decision in view of the inability to ensure legitimacy of votes, thereby bringing into doubt the integrity of the election...
on Feb 8, 2004
Sun is surveying Java folks about developer demographics and what they want in the 2004 JavaOne conference. If you think it might actually help get Sun to make a better JavaOne show then definitely fill out the survey!
on Feb 4, 2004

Open Source

Whitespace is a language whose syntax comprises only the whitespace characters space, tab, and linefeed.
on Feb 8, 2004


If you've ever diagnosed a bug in a web application, you've undoubtedly experienced annoyance digging through a list of fifteen exception stack traces trying to identify the one you're interested in (if it's even present), or a sinking feeling when you tailed the web server log only to find:   java.lang.NullPointerException I sure have. The output to the browser client helps even less,...
on Feb 6, 2004


As I said, I'm back with more on the new JDK 1.5. There is a new package called java.lang.instrument that allows you to intercept a class before being loaded and modify its bytecode, for example (can I hear standard entry point for AOP support? :-P). Well, let's use it for something different: measuring the size of some objects. Here is the code: import java.lang.instrument.*;import java.util.*;...
on Feb 5, 2004
Ok, sorry for not blogging for so long, but I have to work, date etc. :-D I hope this is the start of a series of small, but informative blog entries about new features available in Tiger, especially the ones a hundred people haven't mentioned before me :-D To begin with, I'll show you how to use the new nanoTime() method in System. An important thing to notice is that nanoTime()'s return and...
on Feb 5, 2004
Sun has released J2SE v1.5 beta 1. Go wild!
on Feb 4, 2004


So, I just got a new Tapwave Zodiac. If you have seen one, it's a pretty cool PDA right? Convinced my wife that I needed it for work. After all it runs Palm OS 5.2T (for Tapwave), has 128MB of RAM, 2 SD slots (1 SDIO), Bluetooth, etc. Everything that the working man/woman on the go needs to keep track of appointments, to do lists, and notes. All of the exciting and important stuff. Oh yeah...
on Feb 5, 2004


In January's Java Performance Tuning newsletter there are several interesting news items. Of course we had the usual range of tool vendor and benchmark announcements; what I consider to be "background news", because they are usually there each month. (Naturally we only list the performance announcements, and even there only the interesting ones.) Apart from those announcements, there was the 9...
on Feb 4, 2004

Extreme Programming

A traditional project plan has an ethos, "Plan the work, work the plan." The planning process will work out all the expected tasks, estimate them all, and assign workers to the tasks. This has several problems: the sheer mass of data makes it hard to see what's really important, the plan is vulnerable to changes in direction, and it's hard to keep up to date. XP and Scrum (and some but not all...
on Feb 3, 2004


Last week, I spoke about the mission for as being bringing Java on Linux up to par with Java deployed and developed on Solaris, NT and others. The other mission, the yin to the yang of cross platform portability, is the linux (and open source) -specific things. For instance , a library to manage or interface with the /proc or /dev filesystems. A program to interact with the...
on Feb 3, 2004