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Over this past weekend, I took the family to Durango. Most of the time, I was a good boy, and dutiful father. No near drownings on the Piedra or Animas. No mountain bike overnights down the Colorado trail. Not even a difficult hike. In fact, my body is in no condition to do any of these things... But I did break away from the wife and kids for just long enough to do a 22-mile ride down Hermosa...
on Jun 3, 2004
FISL is the most important event about free software in Brazil. People from different countries come to attend sessions about free software such as Linux, PHP and others. As Java is starting to get more attention from the open source and free software community, there will be some talks about it in the main track. Besides that, SouJava, the largest JUG in Brazil, which I am proud to help to...
on May 28, 2004
I just took part in an exciting meeting at the MediaLab Europe, in Dublin. Representatives of the Ministries of Education of thirty countries were there, discussing the future of distance learning, broadband access in all classrooms, and the level of government support for sharing curriculum. I'll write more about what Seymour Papert, Nicoloas Negroponte, and a host of others had to say in a...
on May 26, 2004
Day One: I have to admit that I will always accept any excuse to visit San Franciso, so I jumped at the chance when my boss asked if anyone should attend this years BEA eWorld. Compared to Austin, San Francisco's weather is down right chilly. I knew I was going to have a good time as soon as I saw folks pulling on sweaters and jackets. Austin's been realtively cool so far this year, but it's...
on May 25, 2004


I experienced a problem where a client application accessing a server was unable to use the server to subsequently access a MySQL database. However, unit testing on the server side allowed the MySQL data access. What was happening to the server when using the remote connection then and why were SQL connection failure errors like the following being thrown? java.sql.SQLException: Server...
on Jun 3, 2004
This week I've been playing with a couple of things that I haven't used before - Struts 1.2-dev for one, and Hypersonic, a 100% Java RDBMS that supports transactions, RI, and stored procedures. I have been pleasantly surprised with both. I've always thought that Struts action mappings can be a bit cumbersome to write when there are lots of them. XDoclet can help here, but there are some new...
on May 29, 2004


Logging with Log4J is simple and seems to be trivial and doesn't warrant a blog. However Logging in enterprise projects raises interesting requirements and possibilities. The first question is where do you put your Logging library. With JDK Logging, you pretty much have no choice. It is always located in the classpath and loaded by bootstrap classloader, the mother of all class loaders. Log4J...
on Jun 2, 2004
A couple years ago I tried my hand at self publishing books. Specifically, I created my own publishing company, Titan-Books Inc., and published three companion workbooks to my O'Reilly EJB book. The authors and editor did a wonderful job and the books turned out great. However, I quickly discovered that (a) it was lot of work running even a small publishing company and (b) I wasn't making much...
on May 31, 2004

Open Source

I just finished adding the Eclipse Public License to Wanna take a look?
on Jun 2, 2004
The Eclipse open source group has named its first new Director. Former Oracle VP Mike Milinkovich.
on May 28, 2004


In a recent article, Sun President Jonathan Schwartz stated that he saw Red Hat as being a proprietary company, more so than Sun. Specifically: "Availability of source code isn't what qualifies you as 'not proprietary'-Sun's definition of proprietary is behavior which defeats the customer's ability to compete vendors against one another, or choose from among many 'compatible' implementations...
on Jun 1, 2004

Extreme Programming

Someone asked on the XP egroup about getting access to private methods for testing purposes. Others suggested a number of ways to get this effect, but it got me thinking about refactoring. Refactoring is often thought of as a pure, safe transformation: convert a program into another program with the same semantics but a better design. From the standpoint of a refactoring tool, the "same...
on May 31, 2004


In a previous blog on I said some fairly strong things about ant, and I think I ought to say something more, both good and bad. This seems like the place to do it. First, let us give ant its due. Ant is designed to be a portable way to replace make. Ant was to be platform independent, so the obvious implementation choice was Java, which is fine, mostly. And the obvious data...
on May 30, 2004


One of the major themes at TechEd this year was how to increase productivity. The marketing slogan was "Do More With Less". Early on, I mentioned how Microsoft's Visual Studio tools give them an edge on the Java community. This isn't because Java can't have tools that are just as good as Visual Studio, but it's because the collected principles that lead to the development of those tools aren't...
on May 27, 2004
Open standards allow multiple vendors to offer their own implementation of valuable technologies. The Sun and JCP open standards are particularly good at helping small vendors participate in the technology market. Competition makes software cheaper, forcing the vendors to improve the quality of their products and services. Open standards also lower the risk for the end users by at least...
on May 27, 2004
Offshoring accelerating, layoffs left and right, doom, gloom, oh me, oh my. And yet, I just landed a terrific job at a great startup (thanks Jason). The work's interesting, I'm learning lots of new stuff and the people there are top-knotch. I'm starting to get nuisance email solicitations from recruiters again. My independent consultant friends are complaing that they've got too much work....
on May 25, 2004
I don't know exactly what I was expecting from Steve Ballmer's keynote address this morning. I've never seen the man speak before, or heard his voice. In fact, I haven't even seen a photograph of him that wasn't a decade old. What I did not expect was for Mr. Ballmer to have somehow transformed into a spitting image of my former Governor, Jesse Ventura. They look alike. They speak alike....
on May 24, 2004
I must admit, it was a little odd being a Java guy walking into a room full of .NET User Group Leaders from all around the country. The abundance of caffeine and general rowdiness of the 75 member crowd helped ease tensions somewhat, and while I got my bearings I took careful note of the group, its dynamic and the subject matter they were covering. What I found was equal parts encouraging and...
on May 23, 2004


My latest hack is a "Napkin" Look and Feel for Swing. I'm up to alpha 4 with it -- it still does some very weird things. The Swing LAF lets many things happen, but it is far from simple to figure out, and farther from easy to flex. But most things can be done. The idea is this: There's somehing about a GUI mock up that makes managers go all glassy-eyed. When you mock up the GUI, which you...
on May 27, 2004


FYI, I have accepted a new position at Nokia running developer technical services and consultation for the Americas. More details are available from my personal blog. I intend to continue blogging wireless Java related tidbits on as time permits, including resuming my monthly wireless highlights entries in the not too distant future. And if you're going to be at JavaOne, please consider...
on May 25, 2004