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The Concept Map is an interactive diagram that allows panning, zooming in and out, and resizing. Additionally, the diagram contains links to the technologies associated web page. [This feature makes it easy to find the tech web page.] There is also a quick index of the different Java technologies. Interesting note: The map implementation is in Flash, and NOT JSF, Swing, or some other Java...
on Jun 29, 2004
Tonight we'll get a look at several of the communities. Don't miss it. Jini, JXTA, Java Community Process, and will all have a chance to give a whirlwind presentation (and prizes), and then you'll get a chance to corral folks about any one you're interested in. Question about JIni? Ideas about JXTA? Complaints about the Java Community Process Just come in, see what's up, get some...
on Jun 29, 2004
An encyclopedia of Java, javapedia allows everybody in the community to describe the parts of Java technology. The wiki mindset allows developers to get involved in the community by allowing the addition, editing and commenting of entries. For instances, authors and tools developers can add links from the technology described in javapedia to their efforts. Javapedia is an opportunity to become...
on Jun 28, 2004
My immediate impression of JavaOne 2004 is certainly positive and I have already met some very interesting folks who are using Java innotive ways. Jonathan Schwartz gave an excellent key note this morning and emphasized that the majority of innovation happens elsewhere. More and more I am finding this statement to ring very true. We have been very busy in the JDBC Engineering team over the past...
on Jun 28, 2004
Click hear to read more about my plans for JavaOne. I'll post slides for both my "Advanced Wireless Programming" tech session and "J2ME at Five" BOF to my site on the day of the presentations, and I'll also be blogging as much as I can throughout the conference on with an end of week summary of important wireless related information to Hope to see many of your in San...
on Jun 27, 2004
The Advisory Board is a group of well-known and well-respected academics and industry experts who advise the communities, projects, and participants of on issues related to Java™ technology and community building. This panel of experts operates in a purely advisory role. They communicate with the community both directly and through the Community Manager....
on Jun 25, 2004
My apologies for the somber note amidst the hype and hoopla over the upcoming JavaOne festivities. Alas, Bob Bemer has passed away due to complications from cancer. Bob invented the ASCII data format and was an old-school computer geek. "He never got the coding out of his system. He was a coder until he couldn't code any more. He lived it and breathed it." said his son. R.I.P. The title of this...
on Jun 24, 2004


More fun today with JSF, including some discussion of integration with the new POJO persistence systems, and some musings on web services. JSF & JDO I’ve had a chance to play around a bit with Creator, and it looks like plain old Java objects (or POJO) will play nicely. One nice thing about JSF – it knows about collections, which means that Creator can work with them easily as well...
on Jun 29, 2004
From the very beginning, the JDO specification has been surrounded by controversy. You want drama? Consider the new startup specification against the establishment of relational database vendors and TopLink, the leading OR mapper. You want strangeness? Consider a specification for transparent persistence without any object relational mapping at all. You want a full-out bare-knuckled brawl?...
on Jun 29, 2004


After a three year hiatus I am once again in attendance at Java One. I am having the same problem this year that I had in years past. So many technologies, so little time. For a computer geek like myself, however, it's a great problem to have. I have decided at least to attend all the Jini technical sessions and BOFs. I used to work in the Jini group. It's great to catch up on what's new and...
on Jun 29, 2004
There' s a free event for the Java Communities on Tuesday night too - 6-9pm in the Argent hotel, Metro 3 room. I gather there will be free food and drink to be consumed in the company of community representatives from each of the Java communities (, JXTA, Jini and the JCP who I gather are the hosts) and that everyone is welcome.
on Jun 22, 2004
Got a Java blog? Come to the joint Java blogging community informal meet-up next Monday. Details at the Atlassian site, please blog that you're coming & trackback to
on Jun 22, 2004


JavaOne this year is proving to be an exciting and interesting event. Between Hibernate and EJB 3.0, there is a sense that the persistence world is moving toward a more rational, coherent model. Initial skepticism over JavaServer Faces (JSF) is waning in the face of the broad tool and component vendor support. Many developers are warming up to the new features (and understanding the...
on Jun 28, 2004


I'm up at JavaOne today. As usual, it's a blast. We brought a gorgous baby white tiger on stage to help us kick-off the "Tiger" section of this morning's general session. He was great fun and really mellow. He had got up really early to come to Moscone, so he was quite sleepy by the time he came on stage. He had been more active during our prep session when he was gently play-biting on my...
on Jun 28, 2004
I am pleased to report that we are one step closer to the final ballot of the Tiger release, jsr 176 jcp page. Look out for some related news on Monday. I have been impressed with all the expert groups in this release, and obviously the JSR 176 team. When you look at the companies and individuals involved, I know Java is in safe hands. One top tip if you want to participate in the jcp process...
on Jun 25, 2004

Open Source

Why become an open source developer? I think there are probably as many answers to this question as there are developers. I can only tell you about my decisions. I have been actively developing software professionally for nearly twenty years. I feel, as it is with many of us; it is not only my profession, but also my passion, and my hobby. I delight in learning useful new technologies. In the...
on Jun 27, 2004


The "elephant" article that published last week was probably my favorite that I've ever written. Your responses made me work. After hundreds of blogs, e-mails, forums and phone calls, I'm still amazed that it struck such passionate feelings from my audience. (In an amusing twist of fate, Amazon chose that week to report that my new book, Better, Faster, Lighter Java, had not yet shipped...
on Jun 23, 2004

Extreme Programming

Somnifugi JMS is a lightweight, single-JVM implementation of the JMS interface. I've used Somnifugi to simplify the threading architecture on a few user interfaces for clients over the years. The architecture has worked well, especially for developers who weren't familiar with Java's multi-threading. I've been meaning to follow up on an article by Johnathan Simon where he hinted that one could...
on Jun 23, 2004


First, some housekeeping: 1000th project: jBob pointed out that the 1000th project was approved a few days ago. It is part of the project community, and can be found here: jBob's log about it can be found here: Regarding OSCON: We should be running a Linux on Java BOF there, but the...
on Jun 22, 2004 celebrates another milestone with the approval of our 1,000th project. The javafirmware project became # 1,000 when it was approved for the incubator. javafirmware is self-described as a specification and reference implementation consisting of the J2ME MIDP/CLC and a subset of the Java Realtime runtime environment. The project owner explains that the framework will be...
on Jun 21, 2004