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Recently, I've been investigating the methods Java provides for developing desktop applications that efficiently utilize multicore processors. Java 7's Fork/Join Framework is the current focus of my investigation. But, Brian Goetz has just provided an update on the State of the Lambda: Libraries Edition, which tells us lots about the current status of what's coming up in Java 8, where Project...
on Apr 25, 2012
A few nights ago, I was browsing the chapters about concurrent programming in Herbert Schildt's excellent Java: The Complete Reference, 8th Edition, and I was struck by the evolution of concurrency in Java over the years, from threads, through the richness of Java 5's Concurrency Utilities, and on to Java 7's Fork/Join Framework. The Java language truly has grown, adapted to the changing world,...
on Apr 22, 2012
With the advent of multicore processors on everything from desktop computers to tablets, pads, and even mobile phones, parallel processing is gaining increasing attention. This is at least in part what's behind the release of the Fork/Join Framework in Java 7, and the inclusion of Lambda Expressions (aka "closures," JSR 335) in the upcoming Java 8. While the "do-it-yourself" approach to...
on Apr 9, 2012
Note to the Java 8 development team (and the JCP): the latest completed poll indicates that Java developers overwhelmingly advocate the inclusion of JSR 310 in Java 8. Not only did the poll draw a large volume of voting, but the votes were unusually strongly skewed toward one of the six voting options. A total of 891 votes were cast, and three comments were posted as well. The actual...
on Mar 18, 2012


Release the newest version of the framework to persist objects in Apache Cassandra in easy way. Among improvement is the JPA annotations, also JPQL.   JCassandra jCassandra=persistence.createJCassandra("select * from Person"); List<Person> persons=jCassandra.getResultList(); table 1: sample using JPQL in Easy-Cassandra Easy-Cassandra 1.0.8 Easy-Cassandra 1.0...
on Apr 21, 2012

Web Applications

Introduction Server-Sent Events (SSE) is a standard describing how servers can initiate data transmission towards clients once an initial client connection has been established. It is commonly used to send message updates or continuous data streams to a browser client and designed to enhance native, cross-browser streaming through a JavaScript API called EventSource, through which a client...
on Apr 21, 2012


Server-Sent Events (SSE) is part of HTML5 specifications that can be used to push notifications from a server on a HTTP connection. A developer can implement it on top of a servlet but he has to know the details of wire format. We added bit of abstraction so that a developer doesn't have to deal with the wire level details and can work on actual application. The heart of the abstraction is a...
on Apr 20, 2012


String searching algorithm (SSA) According to Wikipedia, string searching algorithms are "an important class of string algorithms that try to find a place where one or several strings (also called patterns) are found within a larger string or text". Some important concepts that you need to understand before reading this entry are pattern, string and alphabet: Pattern: Set of elements that...
on Apr 19, 2012


In some earlier posts, I've talked about Java threads, Java Thread Overhead, and Amdahl's Law and Parallel Processing Speed-Up. My next investigation in this series is Java 7's new Fork/Join Framework. I plan to spend quite a lot of time in this particular investigation. For one, Java Threads have been around for a long time, and undoubtedly there are many resources available that discuss them;...
on Apr 16, 2012


Hello there! I'm Alessandro Gentile and this is my brand new blog on I must say, I'm honored to be part of this community. Two months ago I joined the GlassFish project and I began to write tutorials. There are several reasons for my choice and among them there's the love for open source software and java EE. Markus Eisele in his blog two weeks ago wrote an article that I found truly...
on Apr 15, 2012
  Running the new version of the Easy-Cassandra framework it main objective is making it easy the communication between Apache Cassandra and your application in java. With it you able create, update, retrieve, delete the java's objects in easy way and simple, for this you must add some annotation in Class and fields.   Characteristics     An ORM easy to use in Cassandra...
on Mar 17, 2012


We build too many walls and not enough bridges. Isaac Newton Introduction In my previous blog post, I have asked to many of you this question: "What JSF should become?". And since then, I was quite silent. The reason behind it, is that I was working to build a concrete implementation of this vision and today I'm glad to give you a concrete demonstration of it. So Ladies and Gentlemen, why...
on Apr 10, 2012


It seems not that long ago that the JavaOne 2012 Call for Papers began. Yet, here we are, in the CfP's final weekend! All proposals for JavaOne 2012 sessions must be submitted by 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time (US) on Monday. Now, I'm not going to try to compute the equivalent local time for everyone around the world. In my experience, you don't try to submit something like this at the very last...
on Apr 6, 2012
In the past I've always publicized the start and end of the JavaOne Call for Papers (CfP) period. But, this year, it has special significance for me -- I'm planning to submit a proposal for a JavaOne session this year! So, with the deadline just two weeks away (11:59 PM Pacific Time on April 9), I'm paying more attention to the JavaOne CfP deadline than ever before. Now that I'm into the...
on Mar 26, 2012


This blog lists the tips, tricks and answers to some of the commonly asked questions on Embedded GlassFish. This list is not sorted in any order. As I recalled I just listed them out here, and will add more as I come across more tips n tricks. Which version of Maven is supported by Embedded GlassFish Maven Plugin? org.glassfish:maven-embedded-glassfish-plugin supports Maven 2 and Maven 3 (4.0-...
on Mar 19, 2012
This blog describes how to configure org.glassfish:maven-embedded-glassfish-plugin for deploying more than one application. There was a community request for this. Refer: The following pom.xml snippet shows how to configure...
on Mar 18, 2012