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I came to JavaOne looking for community. I found one, but it much different than the one I'm used to observing in the open source world. You see, here, there are barbarians at the gate. Let me start by handing some kudos out. There is seriously cool voodoo being worked here. Some of the projects/code/goals that I've seen here are mind blowing and innovative. Something that I don't usually see...
on Jun 12, 2003
The authentication of the site is finally letting me log in on a regular basis so I can begin to catch up with all of my blogging! Yea! If you recall, last night I bitched about the fact that the weblogs weren't plugged during the Tuesday keynote. Well, John Gage and the rest of the guys strongly and repeatedly plugged both the weblogs and the Javapedia during today's keynote. Yea!...
on Jun 11, 2003
Best Evangelical: Java is Freedom by Amy Fowler -- quoted by husband John Fowler during Tuesday's keynote. Best Drug Reference:This is your brain on Java by me during the GE Medical demo. They used Java 2D & Java 3D to do display (and nauseating zooming :-) of various brain scans. Best Safe Sex Pitch:Do it more! Do it safely! by Jonathan Schwartz. I'll just leave the rest of the context to...
on Jun 11, 2003
The Client Provisioning Spec is a J2EE framework for bundling and distributing applications and resources to various clients. This is a great and generally applicable idea. The problem is that there is a huge focus on J2ME -- both at this conference and in the JSRs. As a result, the focus for the Client Provisioning Spec is on distributing J2ME apps. Taking a look across the other technologies...
on Jun 11, 2003
Dave Johnson: Sheeesh! Are those blogs for real? They are all identical, no themes. Some of them look a little forced, as in "you will blog now please employee #76654, get to work." The others look and feel like the O'Reilly blogs, you know, the ones where the author is maintaining two blogs: one personal blog and one O'Reilly blog which is generally not worth subscribing to. You know, us alpha...
on Jun 11, 2003
"How do we know that Sun won't censor or otherwise pollute with heliocentric notions—after all, Sun owns and operates the site?" My answer last night to this question was that it was the same problem that faced a poet about to sit down and write a poem: How does she know that it will be good? And of course, she doesn't no matter how much training or practice she has had. Sun doesn't know...
on Jun 11, 2003
Alan Williamson wasn't too impressed with Jonathan Schwartz's keynote yesterday, it seems (complete with IDE demos - I hope he's enjoying the Project Rave demo I am watching now!). I'm very interested in his comments on the desire to expand the Java developer base from 3 million to 10 million. He says: The threshold that we call someone a developer, is going to be dropped significantly ... Sun...
on Jun 11, 2003
So, we've had over 1,000 people sign up to on the first day it went live. That rocks! I just noticed 44 new projects that just got created! Some cool stuff. I'll need to highlight a few. Keep them coming!! Tired, but happy. -jbob
on Jun 11, 2003
I'm surprised how much fun I've had reading (and writing) the weblogs today. JavaOne always has five things going on at once, and people's blog entries let me experience vicariously some of the four things I didn't choose. The whole thing reminds me of those "Day in the Life" books. It's great fun to have a whole set of bloggers concentrating on the same event. In years past I...
on Jun 11, 2003
<blog rant> Alas, in the rush to talk about other things, our community wasn't even mentioned during the announcement at this morning's keynote. Sigh. </blog rant>
on Jun 10, 2003
I'm taking the chance to roam the exhibit hall today and just bumped into my friend Neil Bauman of GeekCruises, who is here promoting events like his Java Jam. I've been a speaker at a couple of his events, and both times have been memorable. Neil's idea is to run training events that deliver the very best speakers (like Sun's Kathy Sierra, whose new book is being well received), provide a...
on Jun 10, 2003
The last few years I have been privileged to moderate a round-table discussion between the leaders of the J2EE community, hosted by JavaPro magazine. Each year I'm struck by the way there is a diverse competitive landscape for Java. This year the diversity was as strong as ever, with great participants like Ted Shelton from Borland (leading their corporate strategy), Graham Hamilton from Sun (the...
on Jun 10, 2003
Dinner last night was an excellent opportunity to meet Ronald Mak, a researcher at NASA Ames who is respoonsible for the middleware powering the information feeds used by Mars Probe scientists. You may remember seeing the way NASA was using Java at past JavaOne conferences, but it's really come a long way since then. Mars Probe scientists and engineers have a powerful Java client application...
on Jun 10, 2003
Well, it's that time again. A foggy summer in San Francisco and the annual pilgrimage of the Java faithful to the Moscone Convention Center. I've attended every JavaOne [can you believe this is "JavaEight"?] and the show, for a hoover like me, is always an exhausting slog to cram in as much as possible and still be standing at the end. To get some feel for my take on the show, check out my...
on Jun 9, 2003