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Community - or Jablo, as some people call it - is a valuable resource to Java developers that can read Portuguese. Although their names are similar, it has little to do with, a service mantained by Atlassian that aggregates several other blogs. Jablo is actually a Roller instance customized for the pt-BR locale - at least, as customized as possible given it is maintained by...
on Jun 15, 2005
Bruce Boyes, my Java Robotics co-leader sent me a link to 'Pierced Eyeglasses.' Not wanting to miss a prime opportunity to reciprocate, I sent him over to 'Frog with implanted webserver.' Pieced Eyeglasses: Frog with Implanted Webserver: 'Pierced Eyeglasses' and 'Frog with implanted webserver,' both of which...
on Jun 13, 2005
Project Name: schoolclipse Summary: School management (Eclipse rich client application) Owner Name: Stavros S. Kounis City: Thessaloniki Country: Greece Tell us a little about yourself. I'm close to finishing Civil Engineering Dept. of Xanhti's University (Greece). I'm working as Programmer for a Civil Engineering related software company (Civiltech) and I'm a cofounder of...
on Jun 10, 2005
Phil Wadler and Maurice Naftalin are writing a book titled "Java Generics and Collections", to be published by O'Reilly Media, Inc. Their project in the Global Education and Learning Community (GELC) at is for the book's technical review. They are posting draft chapters for download and comment by members that join the project. The book is being...
on Jun 3, 2005
The winners of the Ricoh & the Sun Java[tm] Platform Powered by U contest will announced June 3rd. The contest, sponsored by Sun and Ricoh, included students from universities in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain. The challenge was for the students to develop innovative Javaâ„¢ technology based applications that will run embedded on Ricoh Aficioâ„¢ laser printers and multifunctional...
on Jun 3, 2005
Meeting people is always interesting (frightening sometimes, but interesting). Meeting people that you know from the internet is very interesting. I can not remember meeting one person that seemed like they did on the internet. The real-time experience enhances what you know and it is usually a little disorienting (ok, you will not really explode). But then there is a whole other class of...
on May 31, 2005
An RSS feed of Sun bloggers is available here.
on May 26, 2005
So you want something for free? Come along to the SpikeSource TestFest in the San Francisco Bay Area on 17th June and put your Java and (non-Java) code to the test... literally. Checkout the website, for registration and further details.
on May 25, 2005
RE: Twin Cities Interop Event being held on May 31st at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. The first-of-its-kind event, Interop City brings software technology user groups together for a day of presentations, demonstrations, and dialog on .NET and J2EE interoperability. Interop City is a unique event based on a grass roots initiative. Bringing together User Groups, Corporate IT, Vendors...
on May 24, 2005
It was a pleasure to present at the Northern Virginia Software Symposium over the weekend. The conference was in Reston, VA -- about 15 minutes from where I spent my formative years. The DC area has a lot of fond childhood memories for me, so it was a neat experience to return there as a presenter. I taught four classes: Introduction to Portlets In late 2003, the Java Community Process...
on May 23, 2005
I find myself more and more frequently writing blogs that include extensive code blocks -- I'm looking for away to automatically mark-up the code that I can publish to a blog that will similar to what any credible IDE will do automatically. Consider this block of code that I blogged at my corporate blog site recently... XQDataSource dataSource = null; DDXQDataSource dataSource = (...
on May 20, 2005
Found this useful link on Sun's blogging policy in an always useful Tim Bray's blog. Actually I found this linked from Jonathan Schwartz's blog where he welcomed IBM's decision to permit company employees to blog and offered them Sun's blogging as a template for their own.
on May 16, 2005
From a recent news entry: "As 2.0 approaches version 2.0 final it is being meet increasingly with opposition by free software advocates over its dependency on Java." I am delighted that Open Office is finally leveraging Java. While early attempts to create pure Java office suites failed (Lotus tried this back in the 90's), Netbeans 4.1 has demonstrated that Swing is up to...
on May 12, 2005
As the news editor for I find the Java community a bit quirky sometimes. You are all so busy writing code that... well.... sometimes you forget to tell anyone about it! Hey, I know. You're busy beavers! So, I want to make telling the world a lot easier for you... and in the process for me and everyone else to see what is up in the collective Java world. I've taken two ideas that make my...
on May 4, 2005
in a article i wrote on ashkelon a few months ago, i'd mentioned the idea of resurrecting a community docs web site based on ashkelon. the original site was at, whose name always felt a little inadequate. so i checked on and lo and behold, it was available. so i've been thinking about doing this very thing: bringing the site back, under a new (more...
on Apr 22, 2005
I had a chance to spend two weeks in China last month. Needless to say this was a very interesting trip. I spent time in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. I was there with a group teaching about our products, talking standards, visiting customers, and going over SOA related concepts and technologies such as Federated Portals. I think SOA is especially relevant in China as companies are buying...
on Apr 17, 2005
First, I apologize for my long absence from blogging at I have a busy job as Chief Architect at No Magic. I do talks at conventions, training, run development in three countries (Lithuania, Thailand, and the US), and sing and dance for customers. Kind of hard to get time to blog on my passions of P2P and Java. So without further ado, no more excuses. Lots of people assume you can...
on Apr 11, 2005
Every coin has two sides... I recently blogged a lament regarding obstacles to the use LGPL'ed software, but that pales in comparison to Jonathan Schwartz's recent assertion: (the GPL)"exports a form of IP colonialism to nations seeking to create their own means of production.". Here's the other side of that coin: If you are a small software provider, like JBoss for example, the GNU licenses...
on Apr 8, 2005
Do you have a people page in the People Wiki? I do Do you even know what I'm talking about? By that, I mean do you know what the people wiki is?! Does your people page have enough useful information on it to make it valuable to you and others? Mine doesn't, but I promise I will do as I say after this blog.... ;) The people wiki is a member maintained wiki for
on Apr 7, 2005
(pictures in the blog are from Grenoble, France, where I spent last week helping some folks with NetBeans module projects) A few months ago, I had an idea to write a newsreader plugin for NetBeans. So I looked around for a handy JavaMail NNTP provider. There was one out there, part of a project called Knife, which pointed me at ClasspathX, where I downloaded the sources, tried to build it (...
on Apr 5, 2005