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Joel on Software recently posted the following observation: "...there's nothing hard enough about Java to really weed out the programmers without the part of the brain that does pointers or recursion..." "But beyond the prima-facie importance of pointers and recursion, their real value is that building big systems requires the kind of mental flexibility you get from learning about them, and...
on Jan 3, 2006
I've talked about the Japex Micro-benchmark Framework a few times in my blog during the last couple of months. Japex has experienced tremendous growth during the last few months, to the point of deserving its own project at (up until now it was part of the Fast Infoset project). This is the official announcement for the creation of this new project, so please stop by and join us! There's...
on Jan 2, 2006
Apparently, Java is so easy to do that lots of Uni's now teach it as the main language - or even as the sole one. And because its so easy, lots more students can learn it and manage to work in it successfully enough to pass the course. This is BAD (according to Joel). Java doesn't core dump. More BAD. The consequence for poor Joel, is that he can't tell the better students from the not so great...
on Dec 30, 2005
...somewhere near you, people are enjoying their life. Just go and be happy with your family... Peace for the world in 2006
on Dec 23, 2005
December 21st is the winter solstice, the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere. What better time to dream sweet visions for the future? The past year has seen a lot of progress in enterprise computing. At the beginning of this year I was writing an "elevator speech" on Service Oriented Architecture to introduce the concepts to my IT colleagues: "This talk will be far more...
on Dec 20, 2005
The Business Week article "Java? It's So Nineties" quotes Peter Yared as saying "Java is a dinosuar". Let's grant Peter the benefit of the doubt and assume that he's right. Let's assume that Java is in fact a dinosaur and have some fun... Fortunately for us we can make a pretty good case that software-wise we are still living in the Mesozoic era, commonly known as "The Age of the Dinosaurs...
on Dec 15, 2005
A little over a year ago, the JavaServer Faces specification caught my interest. I've always considered myself a 'do it yourself' programmer and went as far as to start my own implementation of the JavaServer Faces specification. I reached a point where I thought I really had something and was left with a few options: contribute to Apache, publish it on my own, or contribute to Sun's reference...
on Dec 8, 2005
In a previous blog, I alluded to the free membership at Sun Developer Network (SDN). A December promotion, called ALL ACCESS Backstage Pass, promises prizes of leather jackets and T-shirts in celebration of Java technology
on Dec 7, 2005
A home base of California does make me in many ways U.S.-centric even though I collaborate with colleagues around the globe off and on. So, while vacationing in Hong Kong in the past two weeks, it was at first a little surprising yet also gratifying to hear folks comment about Sun.A relative told me that she's familiar with Sun's iWork program and the ease of telecommuting at Sun, thanks to...
on Dec 2, 2005
If you have the time, you might enjoy reading the joint whitepaper from BEA, IBM, Interface21, IONA, Oracle, SAP, Siebel, and Sybase on Sevice Component Architecture. Unfortunately, "No part of the document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission..." so I can't quote the document, but I can hopefully paraphrase its goals without getting into trouble: Simplify...
on Dec 1, 2005
Since mid-2005, we are starting to observe a large latency in the e-mail delivery. For example, when someone commits a change in CVS, the delivery of the change notification e-mail often gets delayed. When you post to a mailing list, the distribution of that e-mail gets delayed, similarly. So I started monitoring this delay, in an attempt to better understand the problem, and to reduce...
on Nov 30, 2005
The recent Sony BMC rootkit fiasco confirms a sad fact... a digital certificate doesn't guarantee much of anything. I don't want to delve into motivations or liabilities, but I do want to examine a basic question that technologists must address: How can we protect computing environments from hostile executable content? In the Sony BMC incident, users installed the hostile software on their own...
on Nov 23, 2005
Ben Galbraith has posted the first of a series of blog entries about How I Learned to Love Domain-Specific Languages. It's great that more and more people are starting to see the value of explicit, focused languages over ridiculously inhumane "formats" like XML. Hopefully, we're finally reaching a tipping point. Explicit DSLs feel weird to a lot of programmers because there's been so little...
on Nov 17, 2005
So... I've been out of town (& country, actually) for the past couple weeks, & am just now catching up on news & events. These days, I go for weeks at a stretch practically incommunicado (traveling, work), which makes time move at a strange (Vonnegut-esque) pace / direction. That, doubled with a magazine that I picked up, which had surprisingly out-dated notions of a variety of...
on Nov 12, 2005
Not too long ago I thought it would be neat to try an audioblog of Java News... Not a very original ideal perhaps, and it turns out that Tor Norbye, Carl Quinn and Dick Wall have been doing a very good job with The Java Posse. They carry a pretty good set of Java News and Interviews and are already in volume 11. Cool! A pitty that my car does not have an MP3 player... maybe I'll have to...
on Nov 8, 2005
Bruce Boyes's Blog, "The $100 PC in another guise?", and the comments that it generated got me thinking about solutions for the 3rd world that might make the 1st world jealous. Bruce suggested (in essence) that a really cool mobile phone/PDA is more interesting than a $100 PC. This observation prompted Felipe Gaucho to reply: "don
on Nov 3, 2005
Two events are happing meanwhile in Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia: offline Java Coding Contest Java Days in Saint-Petersburg State University Do not try to follow the links above if you do not understand Russian :-)
on Oct 27, 2005
These days I was explaining to a cartoon designer about the need of a logo for my OpenSource projects, and he asked me about the theme he should use in order to create such logos. I gave him some words like freedom, technology and JAVA and we started to discuss about something different, something very creative. "Java?" he asked me - "Yes, Java I answered" - the strange spot of this conversation...
on Oct 26, 2005
Contrary to Jonathan Schwartz's "common sense" views, rewriting OpenOffice in AJAX will revolutionize the software industry, reverse global warming, and promote good posture. I'm kidding. Really. Jonathan makes good points in his recent blog about OpenOffice and AJAX: "The language in which a product is written has nothing to do with the value it conveys." I cannot agree more... but I think...
on Oct 26, 2005
As faithfully as the fall colors of New England come around this time of the year, it's time for the next installment of Sun Tech Days. The Sun Tech Days is a world-wide Face-to-face event in which we highlight Java and other technologies from Sun. Would be great to hear from the thousands of Tech Days alumni and the developers out there about the proposed...
on Oct 24, 2005