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Here, I usually write about Java-related issues, like my recent posts about Java DB. However, every once in a while I point to something outside of Java, usually turning focus on some other communities and projects managed by Sun. When this happens, I usually write on my Blogs.Sun.Com (BSC) blog, and put a pointer here. So, as an example, most recently I have posted a brief note about some...
on May 11, 2009
First article: Oracle brass coax Sun troops with tough love. Some initial (although vague) commitments to the future of Sun technologies and products. Greatest news is that Java will remain an open platform. Bad news is that Sun's new cloud initiative may be uninteresting for Oracle. Best quote is about the hardware business: "We know a little bit more about hardware than people think...
on Apr 24, 2009
For EUR 1550* we are offering you the "Jazoon all inclusive" package: Choose your Community day on Monday, 22. June 3 days Jazoon
on Apr 23, 2009
I heard the news while driving home Monday night... This is really very good news for Java. The earlier acquisition talks of Sun by IBM would have provided significant resources, but let's face it... IBM began as a hardware company (as did Sun). Oracle is and always has been a software company, and a very effective one. With Sun, Oracle acquires a great Operating System (Solaris) and it assumes...
on Apr 22, 2009
Following the announcement of Google App Engine for Java, it
on Apr 18, 2009
If you are a Developer who builds sites where folks go to "do things", then I hope can inspire you to think a bit about those "things" as part of a larger Process. It's not a huge leap to build into your site the hooks that a Process Guy like me needs to incorporate your site into a larger Managed Process. I'll be grateful if you make the effort, and I'll bet the users of your site will be too....
on Apr 17, 2009
This year, JavaOne let's students get in free! Plus, they can sign up for CommunityOne at the same time. Both passes are full conference passes with access to everything! Educators can also get in free when they bring 10 students with them to the conference. If they aren't able to do this, they still get a fantastic deal of $895 for a full conference pass. What is a Full Pass?...
on Apr 17, 2009
Last week I attended SunTechDays in Saint-Petersburg, which was my third time participating in the conference. It was the only SunTechDays event in Europe this year. I've been working at the JavaSE booth nearby the JavaFX one. It was easy to notice that the JavaFX booth attracted a lot of visitors. There was a big line to play the Puzzle game and to win something. All the competitions are...
on Apr 13, 2009
Just a short message to let you know that there are only 6 more days left for Jazoon Early Bird. This is your time to benefit from 20% Early Bird reduction and save EUR 260. And if you use your 20% JUG voucher in addition you will save totally EUR 470.00. Contact your JUG leader to receive the special 20% JUG discount voucher. Your 3 days Jazoon conference pass costs only EUR 825.00! Hurry up and...
on Apr 9, 2009
The world of computing is recognizing once more the power of the Java platform as the de facto standard in producing quality software for diverse devices - including web browsers accessing services available in the cloud computing. After a growing number of articles discussing the problems of the so called lightweight technologies, it is time for Google to endorse the strengths of Java -...
on Apr 8, 2009
Few years ago, I was teaching Java in universities in Brazil, spending all my days and nights studying and thinking on how to become a better teacher and how to become a better Java professional. I was not much than an enthusiast Java developer full of dreams on how to transform the world through the Java technology.... a lot to say, a lot to discuss and to learn and to teach.. One day a new...
on Mar 31, 2009
Jazoon - Newsletter 1 Newsletter 27 - March 2009 Table of content GlassFish Day OSGi DevCon Europe Atlassian Day GlassFish Day Date: 22 June 2009...
on Mar 27, 2009
Rumor has it that IBM is buying Java - and the company that spawned it. Of course I'm exaggerating- Sun's more than just Java - but I bet Java is the key. IBM has made huge investments over the years that are dependent on Java, and the prospect of anyone else getting hold of Java has got to keep many IBM execs up at night. Will this be a good thing for Java? I think so. Open Source software...
on Mar 18, 2009
The Wall Street Journal Published an article which discuss possibility of IBM buying Sun Microsystems, but why on earth should IBM take over Sun Microsystems when every product which Sun offer has a counterpart in IBM arsenal. In software range Sun offers Operating System, Database, Application server family of products, identity management family of product, Integration series of products either...
on Mar 18, 2009
After that my hard drive crash two weeks ago, I deceived to host my demos on a hosting repository. I just got my Kenai repository last week, and I start to move my stuff there one by one. I'll update all my previous posts to point to the new download path. My Kenai page is :
on Mar 14, 2009
Put Away Your Books and Get Out a Piece of Paper Check out a new quiz from yrs truly on I combed through interviews looking for questions that might entertain and inform. Here's an example: Fill in the blank: Joshua Bloch says that the strangest thing about the Java platform is __________. A. Poor Unicode support. B. java.lang.Cloneable does not contain clone()...
on Mar 4, 2009
Chris Adamson recently questioned the value of Swing 2 and I have to go one further... Isn't it time to admit that the Desktop is dead? I think that it's pretty clear that GWT points to the future and "Swing 2" clings to the past. Marc Andreessen was a bit premature when he said something like "The Browser is the Operating System" back in the 90's, but it's clear that his prediction is coming to...
on Mar 3, 2009
I know we have, but I wouldn't call that a community site really. You get all the JavaFX announcements, downloads, docs...sure that's important. However, I'm not sure that makes a community site. Is that place? Maybe it could be, but it's not now. Is it Not really, not yet anyway. I suppose I'm looking for a single site where forums, faqs, demos, articles,...
on Feb 16, 2009
As the first Java developer conference in Europe to do so, Jazoon'09 is launching a competition for young speakers aged up to 26 years-old to win the chance to appear at Jazoon in front of an international audience. An expert jury will select the 3 most interesting presentations from the incoming proposals and for the first time will confer the title Jazoon Rookie 2009 to the best young speaker....
on Feb 13, 2009
I just posted my account of these "golden rules" on my blog. Have fun reading it. I would be interested in any review comments or suggestions.
on Feb 5, 2009