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I'll be leaving the bay area on Monday to give a talk about Hudson in JavaZone 2009. The talk will include both the general introduction of Hudson, as well as some of the advanced topics. Europe has a lot of Hudson adoptions (possibly better than in the U.S.), so I'm hoping to meet with many of Hudson users and developers there. I'll be back next Friday. I was hoping to take a few days off in...
on Sep 4, 2009
Bonjour, Comment Java? This coming Thursday(08/27/09) 'll be at GooglePlex (Mountain View) for an Eclipse Day...The entire genda is at 2 presos seem to be very interesting so far: OSGi for Eclipse Developers Deploying Successful Entreprise Tools and possibly others...The Google crowd is impressive. There is a waiting list for people who...
on Aug 24, 2009
For the last few years, portal is supporting for free my blogs and my projects. I am very thankful for SUN and Collabnet for this excellent resource, and I am pretty sure all people involved in the migration are aware about the importance of in the Java community. So: good luck for the ones upgrading the software and see you on the next week :) I will prepare some special entry...
on Aug 20, 2009
It's been quite some time since I've posted here, but this deserves a mention. More importantly, this...
on Jul 24, 2009
Winter time in Porto Alegre, nice time for a long chimarr
on Jul 22, 2009
Here are my notes from the Thursday at ============================================================================== Thursday June 25, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OAuth - the missing manual Paul Sevin
on Jun 25, 2009
Here are my notes from the Wednesday at ==============================================================================Wednesday June 24, 2009------------------------------------------------------------------------------Web Services and TransactionsJonathan Halliday, JBoss (TX lead at JBoss)A transaction is- set of activities that require some shared properties- consensus of outcome-...
on Jun 24, 2009
Here are my notes from the Tuesday afternoon at ============================================================================== Tuesday afternoon June 23, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GridGain - Java Gateway to Cloud Computing Nikita Ivanov
on Jun 24, 2009
Here are my notes from the Tuesday morning at ==============================================================================Tuesday morning June 23, 2009------------------------------------------------------------------------------Why Applications Don't ScaleAlois Reitbauer, dynaTrace Softwareblog.dynatrace.comblog.codecentric.comhighscalability.comScalability: Increased...
on Jun 23, 2009
James Golsling introduced a brief view on the Java world this morning at Z
on Jun 23, 2009
Java conferences are always a joy of technology and networking but sometimes we just miss its surroundings because it is quite difficult to concentrate in our lives while we are exposed to a large amount of cool information. Good meals, city attractions and a lot of interesting moments are just skipped in favor of the Java novelties on the stage. The more you participate of such events, the more...
on Jun 21, 2009
The SUN Certification Reception during JavaOne brought us one of the most wanted news: the memory tests will be replaced by real coding certification. We can wait the new certification model up to the the end of this year as far I remember (the drinks and cocktails were really competing with the front speakers.. remarkable party). I am still looking for official pages about that great news, but...
on Jun 17, 2009
Jazoon conference offered me the management of the Jazoon Bloggers SQUAD, a group of smart geeks responsible for spreading the word about the conference, before, during and after Jazoon 2009. So, very nice to meet you. I am Felipe Ga
on Jun 11, 2009
JavaOne is over now, a week of strong networking and some news from the Java Universe and its business. I need to wait more one hour to my boarding time, so I guess it is a good moment to a draft of topics I can remember after the last night at the Chieftain: Pervasive JavaFX: this was the technology of this JavaOne, it was quoted in almost all sessions I attended. A young technology (miles to...
on Jun 6, 2009
I'm sitting in the general session to be given by IBM's Craig Hayman, Vice President IBM WebSphere, IBM Software Group. In the pre-screens, it says "JAVA = Innovation" ... Change and innovation comes from combining ideas that already exist, i.e. by digesting and transforming history in the context of present. No history exists without a community to propagate it! The history of Java and...
on Jun 4, 2009
I much enjoyed listening to Ben Galbraith of Mozilla expound on user-interface design at JavaOne yesterday afternoon. Not only is the title, Creating Compelling User Interfaces, eye-catching, the content is well supported by quotations from experts. The Importance of UI Galbraith started the talk with a nod to Google: "Its front page has only a simple interface [for search] and we tend to forget...
on Jun 4, 2009
Java University at 2009 JavaOne was held on Sunday afternoon, May 31, and all day Monday, June 1. Earlier today, I caught up with Joe Boulenouar, senior Java specialist at Sun, and asked him how everything went in those 1-1/2 days. "Wonderfully," Joe beamed. "Impressive signups, enthusiastic students, active participation during class. All extremely gratifying." In particular, he pointed out...
on Jun 2, 2009
One of the most impressive parts of JavaONE is its giant Pavilion, a fair of novelties that mixes commercial players of all sort - a real Java joy. From my last JavaONE I remember several interesting talks while walking by the booths, but many details were not properly registered and kind of forgotten with time. During JavaONE 2009 I plan to improve my journalism activities, scheduling formal...
on May 27, 2009
We are very happy and glad to welcome James Gosling in Zurich, Switzerland. He will do the Jazoon'09 opening Keynote on Tuesday morning, see all details here: Are you coming to Jazoon and you would like to take a photograph with James Gosling? Then sign up on our list: We will try to get James Gosling infront...
on May 20, 2009