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Indonesia has released the domain .id to public with Indonesia ID, and more more website using this domain, the domain is costly around $50/year. in Another world, with this domain, we can make the domain become an identity portal. And yes we are the one that using it (, and we also release the OAuth Server, take a look, a 2-in-1 project that...
on Nov 23, 2014


Java EE Security refcard is available for download. This refcard covers Java EE 6 security and discuss how each application server supports the specs. The refcard covers authentication, authorization, and transport security in Web Application, EJB application and web services by introducing the concept and the related annotations and deployment descriptors which help us realize the concept....
on May 17, 2010

Web Applications

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1:00-1:45 pm Show Me the Money! by Kristen Knight, Kynetx VP Product Management Monetizing cross-site, context-sensitive apps, revenue models, VAR & Implementor business opportunities. Wal-Mart - generated their own warehousing and distribution infrastructure   rather than depending on manufacturers or 3rd...
on Nov 19, 2009
============================================================================== 9:00-9:45 am User-Centric Identity in the Client-Side Revolution Kim Cameron Microsoft Chief Architect of Identity, Distinguished Engineer Identity - the stuff of poets and philosophers Digital Identity - Recognize us in different contexts - foundation for personalization - need to traverse silos - need for contextual...
on Nov 19, 2009
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1:00-1:45 PM Client-Side Endpoints and Context Automation by Dave McNamee, Kynetx VP Client Engagement/VAR Services 801-376-5043 Endpoint: thing on client that ties application to user. Learn - endpoints make KNS apps work on client - many options - endpoint selection controller (e.g., card selector)...
on Nov 19, 2009
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9:00-9:45 AM The Intention Economy: What Happens When Customers Get Real Power Doc Searls Sr. Editor of Linux Journal Author of The Cluetrain Manifesto. I only caught the tailend - stuck in traffic. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10:00-10:45 AM The...
on Nov 19, 2009
 I am attending the I will be posting my raw notes.  Hope you find them useful.
on Nov 18, 2009
I wrote and deployed an OpenID provider service for users. For those who are new to OpenIDs, this service allows users to log in to other sites by using the ID as the identity (for example, try Stack Overflow.) This eliminates the need to maintain separate passwords for each site, among other things. That said, the primary use case of this service is not to become just...
on Sep 21, 2009


The W3C Social Web Incubator Group is organizing a free Bar Camp in the Santa Clara Sun Campus on November 2nd to foster a wide ranging discussion on the issues required to build the global Social Web. Imagine a world where everybody could participate easily in a distributed yet secure Social Web. In such a world every one will be able to control their own information, and every business would...
on Oct 26, 2009