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Hello all. My name is Larry Fernandez and I am a Principal Software Developer in IT. I work for Amway Corp in Grand Rapids, Michigan. March 2012 was my company's 10-year anniversary using Java. We have over 1 million lines of J2EE code in production, with more on the way. I have been here since our "Java" beginnings and I have played many roles (developer, architect, project manager, etc.). We...
on May 9, 2012
    Nowadays the Enterprise applications beyond persist String and number also can save file. Persist this information is very interesting, for example, a civil process there are information about the process (name of author, date, number of protocol) and the document which represents, or a twett with an image. In Apache Cassandra, you can save file, but for large file you should use...
on Feb 1, 2012
This year is a good year for Meruvian, after 6 years work, now the student can achieve as winner in national competition, but we still have problem send them to APICTA for Asia  Pasific ICT competition, because dunno why. Merit Award could be sent to Asia Pasific. but cant... I wish APICTA global organizer read my blog. Edy is a 15 years, when in competition happen, he was still 2 year in...
on Dec 4, 2011


                 Easy-Cassandra is a framework ORM API and a high client for Apache Cassandra in java, with this is possible persist information from the Java Object in easy way. For this is only necessary add some annotations in some fields and your class. It works like an abstraction's tier in the Thrift, doing call for Cassandra. The Easy-Cassandra...
on Feb 21, 2012


Welcome to the 198th issue of The Java(tm) Specialists' Newsletter sent to you from Chania in Greece. My readers in colder climates frequently get annoyed when I tell them that "life's a beach". They imagine us having constant sun here. It's not true. We do sometimes have torrential rains and cold weather. It even snows here occasionally. In fact, the delivery...
on Feb 14, 2012
A few weeks ago I updated my age to be a factor of 2 and 5.  It is the perfect age to reflect what life is all about.  Some men don a leather jacket and ride around on a Harley.  But as a geek I know exactly where to turn - my beloved computer.   I needed a long-running method for the new concurrency course I am writing.  Something that would take about 15 seconds and...
on Dec 22, 2011


This article has the main objective show a little example for persist information in Cassandra using java. For demonstrated the persistence with Cassandra will used the Easy-Cassandra, a framework open source for use this SGBG in an easy mode.   @ColumnFamilyValue(nome = "person")// public class Person implements Serializable {   private static final long...
on Jan 24, 2012


 In the previous articles we have concentrated on testing using Glassfish. But can you use the same recipe to do testing on Weblogic. The answer is YES, but ..... Yea you know there is always a caveat. First make sure you have Weblogic installed properly. Note I did the testing with the latest 12c version, so your mileage may vary. Download the attached zip file again and follow along. In...
on Jan 13, 2012


 In the previous article we described how to do testing with multiple containers. But since joining the Glassfish team I have wondered how can I test applications against different versions of JSF on Glassfish? As it turns out it is actually quite straightforward. This blog entry shows you how to do it. It will allow you to test using a 2.1.2 version and up. All by using properties passed in...
on Jan 5, 2012
In the previous article we have worked out how to run the integration tests against Glassfish, but what about other versions of Glassfish or even other servers? Well, the infrastructure groundwork has been laid for that. Before we are going to reap the fruits we are going to explain the difference between downloading, installing and configuring your server within Cargo. The main reason...
on Dec 22, 2011
In the previous article we added the Glassfish application server into the mix for testing. This looks all nice,but one might wonder how this would work in a parent project (POM) and child projects setup. Well it is fairly easy to accomplish. We will move all the bits first over to the new parent POM we are going to use. See below for what theparent POM will look like. <?xml version=&...
on Dec 20, 2011
In the previous article we described a setup for integration testing. It did not explain how to do automatic deployment to an application server. Since we want to make it convenient to do integration tests we are now going to add Glassfish into the mix. Note that in the previous article we put the integration testing into a separate profile. We are now going to put it back into the normal build...
on Dec 15, 2011
If you want to do integration testing using HtmlUnit and Maven the following sets you up for easy testing. 1. Create a Maven web application project 2. Add index.jsp page (or whatever flavor of framework you want to use). 3. Add HtmlUnit dependency 4. Write integration test for the index.jsp page 5. Add the profile to support running of the integration tests separate from the main build cycle...
on Dec 13, 2011
In the first blog entry of this series, we showed how to configure a message body reader (MBR) on an instance of Client. Specifically, our example required the registration of an MBR to convert an application/json representation of the Money bean.  Client client = ClientFactory.newClient();client.configuration().register(MoneyMBR.class); As stated in that blog entry, a Client instance can be...
on Oct 28, 2011


Recently I had the privilege of writing an article for Java Tech Journal about using HTML5 Server Sent Events in a JSF 2 User Interface.  I've made that article available here.
on Jan 4, 2012

Web Applications

JSF 2.2 Early Draft Review Available Three days ago, the JSF 2.2 Early Draft Review Specification was released. You can download it from <> and the in-progress reference implementation can be obtained by following the instructions in my blog entry from 26 September 2011. With this blog entry, I want to quickly survey the new and...
on Nov 11, 2011
var headID = document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0]; var cssNode = document.createElement('link');cssNode.type = 'text/css';cssNode.rel = 'stylesheet';cssNode.href = ''; = 'screen';headID.appendChild(cssNode);JSF 2.2 and 2.1 Nightly Builds Running Again I'm ashamed to say it, but we've gone over two years without having a...
on Nov 11, 2011


 Tonight I bundled the cassandra command-line interface (CLI) into virgil. Since the CLI uses the thrift-based CassandraDaemon, the main method now starts a thrift server along side the REST server.     Now, when you (or your application) issues commands through the REST interface, you can verify that they worked through the command-line interface. For more information, check...
on Oct 24, 2011

Web Development Tools

Did you ever tried to visualize dependencies between pages on your average website? If so, you probably know what kind of pain it can be. The relations tend to be messy and any kind of chart displaying them is not easy to read. The other night I was looking for some charting library and run across MooWheel. Using the Wheel for rendering the deps you get reasonably readable chart for smaller site...
on Oct 19, 2011
Somebody shown me the tool called Red Bot the other day. The tool will check the headers of responses sent by your server, the compression of the content during transfer, server clock as well as modification dates claimed by your content. The info it gives about each page of the site is broken in 3 sections - General, Content Negotiation and Caching. When I saw the tool, I thought it might...
on Oct 17, 2011