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Web Services and XML

For the purpose of creating a nice API for my new project Caligo (more on this in a future blog post), I was looking for a simple solution to access REST web service in Scala. My requirement was simple: access an HTTP web service, and exchange data with him using the JSON format. You can read the full story here and get the gist of the basic implementation:
on May 16, 2011


About three weeks ago, I called for the community to submit entries for a contest to design a logo for the JSF specification. Sixteen different individuals submitted 32 entries. Thank you very much for contributing! Per the recommendation of Arun Gupta and Imre Oßwald, I used a web voting platform to determine the winner, and here it is. I would have uploaded it to the Official Homepage...
on May 11, 2011
About two weeks ago, I called for the community to submit entries for a contest to design a logo for the JSF specification. Sixteen different individuals submitted 32 entries. Thank you very much for contributing! I happen to believe that Instant Runoff Voting (or a similar method) is the last best hope to save representative democracy in America, so I decided to use a very nice and simple web-...
on May 5, 2011
Just setup 2 Umbrella of our projects, and 13 projects for both. Meruvian and BlueOxygen, both with Chat. The rest project wil Meruvian have chankillo, medallion, yama, midas. BlueOxygen have Aero, Aroma, Cimande (the core), Gandharva, Genta, Lotion, Postila, Ramen, and Saphire. Several that i love in this current (Bruno Souza said that this is kenai's feature).. mm i never use kenai...
on Mar 4, 2011
  since 2001, I am using SourceForge, and love to use it, except the approval process. and in several case we register to Google Code. and little work for Github, because of space limit, we cannot move to there. the current kenai version is different. I one of the hater, because the infrastructure, but now. I hope can become a dedicated FREE services for Java...
on Mar 3, 2011

Virtual Machine

The analysis of the recent Amazon EBS outage has been posted on the AWS blog [1]. I read it and was incredibly impressed with the detail, depth, clarity and competency shown. Of course, they need to impress the users with those things because they're asking us to trust them with our crown jewels. Even knowing that they are in the business of instilling confidence, it's clear the AWS team has...
on Apr 29, 2011

Web Applications

Two Thursdays ago, I called for the community to vote for their top five issues, you responded with 186 votes, the results of which are captured in JIRA filter JSF_2_2_VOTED_ISSUES and in the following chart. You can see that JSF+CDI and multi-component validtion are the two big winners, followed by resource handler improvements and a feature that seems like taking the composite components to...
on Apr 25, 2011
No, I'm not talking about implementing a Logo JSF RenderKit. I'm talking about a little image that can be used to represent the JSF specification on slides, web-sites, T-Shirts and such. JSF has been around for ten years now and still doesn't have a logo. As Dan Allen has repeatedly said, it's past time for that to change. This blog entry announces a contest to make a logo for JSF. The winner...
on Apr 19, 2011
Yesterday I facilitated the JSF 2.2 BOF at the CON_FESS 2011 conference. After years of having, but not using my slideshare account, I decided to upload the slides there, at <>. The slides set expectations for JSF 2.2 and give pointers for how to get involved at various levels of interest. After the meeting we held the kick off meeting for the...
on Apr 14, 2011
As mentioned earlier and elsewhere, JSF 2.2 is getting started right now. This blog entry is a call for serious, committed participation in the JCP Expert Group dedicated to delivering that specification. Ever since Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems and Java, there has been criticism of their handling of community and JCP. Some have gone so far as to say that Java is no longer free as in speech...
on Apr 5, 2011
In an effort to promote my continuing belief that standards are for standardizing, and not innovating, I am announcing the start of the JSF 2.2 JSR effort with a blog entry mostly copied from the entry announcing the start of the previous iteration of the JSF JSR. Its time we get moving on JSF 2.2, so Oracle’s JSF team decided to go public with a pre-JCP-filing of the JSR for JavaServer...
on Feb 11, 2011
 It had been a while since we started to test Magnolia with ModeShape. It took few changes in the code here and there and it would not have happened if not for a big help from the JBoss folk. There were multiple obstacles we had to deal with. But as of Magnolia 4.4.2 and ModeShape 2.4.0 the things seem to be finally ready and you can download Magnolia configured to run with ModeShape as...
on Jan 29, 2011
In my last post, I announced that we had made a release candidate available for Mojarra 2.1.0. I've created this JIRA filter to capture the issues opened since that release candidate was made available. As of this writing, none of the issues in that query meet the criteria of delaying the GlassFish 3.1 release, so we are proceeding with plans to branch the mojarra trunk as MOJARRA_2_1X_ROLLING...
on Jan 28, 2011
While we work on the release notes and get ready to prepare a release bundle, I wanted to push this quick blog entry out as soon as I could. I just committed the integration of Mojarra 2.1.0 build 10 to the GlassFish 3.1 HEAD, it will be in the next promoted build of GlassFish. If you want to get the Mojarra installation standalone, you can either wait for me to post it on the official Oracle...
on Jan 7, 2011


The JSR for the next revision of Servlet specification - Servlet 3.1 is approved and we are now in the process of forming the expert group. If you would like to contribute to the development of the next version of the servlet specification, please nominate yourself and, if possible, please explain how you plan to contribute to the specification. If you would like to track the progress of the spec...
on Apr 8, 2011
Note this blog is obsolete, see for the current blog The JSF 2.2 ballot was approved, so now it is time to start speaking up about what you think needs to be in JSF 2.2. Obviously it takes a bit of time to start organizing the Expert Group. But nowadays individuals can join too. So there really is no excuse to start contributing. If you do not know how to get...
on Apr 1, 2011
Note this blog is obsolete, see for the current blog The JavaEE 7 umbrella JSR has been approved. A step in the right direction. Now we'll just have to see what is going to be included for real :)
on Mar 29, 2011
Recently, we've enabled a "view" to simplify the monitoring of JSF automated tests through the Hudson framework. The introduction of clustering support in GlassFish has expanded our JSF automated test suite coverage. The URL for the view is: On a side note - and redirect to
on Feb 14, 2011


I have recently completed to update the professional Java Script Programming course I deliver via One of the new added topics is a detailed coverage of the available Java Script debuggers in today most popular web browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. The following three video clips explain how do we use these debuggers. You can find the community version of my Java...
on Mar 21, 2011


To start using Embedded GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.1 in your Maven project, all you need to do is to have the following configuration in your pom.xml: &lt;project&gt;  ...  &lt;packaging&gt;ear |ejb|jar|rar|war&lt;/packaging&gt;  ...  &lt;build&gt;    ...    &lt;plugins&gt;   ...
on Mar 6, 2011