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The Java Community Process -- they want you, but it seems like they still don't quite know what to do with you. As I briefly mentioned in a previous blog, the JCP people want you to sign up as an individual member. And you should, really, it's a good thing. But that's not good enough -- if you're going to be there you ought to count more. The final decision maker in the JCP is the Executive...
on May 18, 2006
Pamela Jones's GrokLaw website has kindly noticed my suggestion to make ludicrous patents a form of fraud. She raises a few questions that overlap with some from other folks, so I thought I'd clarify my thinking. What the heck -- I've not nothing else to do on Thanksgiving. One phrase I am known for repeating is "You're thinking too hard." I use it to mean that someone is looking for a...
on Nov 26, 2004
There are many suggestions for fixing the patent system, from abolishing it to radical surgery. Many of these are praiseworthy in design, but most suffer from a severe problem -- You can't get there from here. Wonderful end results are nearly impossible to attain because the forces defending the status quo are powerful and have little stake in the resulting system. So here's an idea that...
on Nov 22, 2004
Tonight we'll get a look at several of the communities. Don't miss it. Jini, JXTA, Java Community Process, and will all have a chance to give a whirlwind presentation (and prizes), and then you'll get a chance to corral folks about any one you're interested in. Question about JIni? Ideas about JXTA? Complaints about the Java Community Process Just come in, see what's up, get some...
on Jun 29, 2004
Joel Spolsky, of "Joel on Software" fame has posted a new essay called "Biculturalism", which is a review of the book The Art of Unix Programming by Eric S. Raymond. (If you prefer bits to atoms, you can read the whole book online for free, Eric being a famous Open Source advocate.) [One digression: Follow that link to the book above. You will find yourself on a great website for books: Amazon...
on Dec 16, 2003
I'm getting ready to give my keynote at MacHack. At midnight. That's the kind of conference this is -- the opening keynote is at midnight. I am assured that these folks will hang around for the talk, and that at previous conferences they have stayed for hours. I do not intend to take hours -- who has that much useful to say at midnight? Not me, for sure. The conference is based on actual...
on Jun 18, 2003