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Apparently, Java is so easy to do that lots of Uni's now teach it as the main language - or even as the sole one. And because its so easy, lots more students can learn it and manage to work in it successfully enough to pass the course. This is BAD (according to Joel). Java doesn't core dump. More BAD. The consequence for poor Joel, is that he can't tell the better students from the not so great...
on Dec 30, 2005
In my last newsletter, I laid into those who criticise Java for what I see as simple jealousy. That lead to the following discussion with one of my readers, who I call "B" (I'm the "J" correspondent in the following discussion). B. I've been a J2EE programmer for 3 years now, and a Java programmer for 6. But, I only use them to pay the bills. Never under any circumstances have I written a...
on Sep 22, 2004
There is a "Java IDE shootout" from JavaOne 2004 at here (the pdf is available free and fairly detailed). It presents an overview comparison of IntelliJ, Eclipse, NetBeans, Emacs and JDeveloper Please understand, this is for your information not to start any IDE wars. I'm sure you each have your own favorite IDE, and some of you will prefer to die defending it rather than admit there is any...
on Aug 27, 2004