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The Concept Map is an interactive diagram that allows panning, zooming in and out, and resizing. Additionally, the diagram contains links to the technologies associated web page. [This feature makes it easy to find the tech web page.] There is also a quick index of the different Java technologies. Interesting note: The map implementation is in Flash, and NOT JSF, Swing, or some other Java...
on Jun 29, 2004
An encyclopedia of Java, javapedia allows everybody in the community to describe the parts of Java technology. The wiki mindset allows developers to get involved in the community by allowing the addition, editing and commenting of entries. For instances, authors and tools developers can add links from the technology described in javapedia to their efforts. Javapedia is an opportunity to become...
on Jun 28, 2004
You would think with all the trash talk going on, its all about Java vs. C#, (or J2EE vs. .NET), and modern development process like refactoring. LAMP is often left out of many conversations. However, LAMP is a big contender for a share of the web market. Many Mac owners might be familiar with DealMac. A grad student, who spent his time gathering info on Mac deals and then publishing his...
on Jun 14, 2004
One developer, 2 modifications A developer has made 2 modifications, one to a client class, and a second to component classes. The client and component classes are packaged separately, but deployed together. When the developer tries to run the application, a "NoSuchMethodError" exception is thrown. The "NoSuchMethodError" problem is a common one seen by developers new to Java. The exception...
on May 3, 2004
What is RI Many developers first introduction into J2EE is in the form of JSP & Servlets. Using JSP & Servlets requires the services of a servlet container, and one of the most commonly used is Tomcat. However, Tomcat is more than an open source servlet container, Tomcat is also the Servlets and JavaServer Pages reference implementation (RI). Tomcat demonstrates one of the core...
on Apr 28, 2004
When reading “ASP.NET and Struts: Web Application Architectures”, I was expecting to see a comparison of the 2 web techniques, ASP.NET and Struts. Instead, a continuous theme of “why .NET is better than J2EE” underlies the article. Anybody with J2EE knowledge can find hordes of problems with the article starting with the comparison drawing. For example, you get the idea that...
on Apr 22, 2004
There are many ways of getting started on a new piece of Java Technology. Developers do searches on Google, check their favorite online publication, go to Amazon for books, view tutorials on, etc… But, one source that is frequently overlooked is the specifications. When I started JSP and Servlet development about 4 years ago, I thought it was Sun’s version of Microsoft ASP...
on Mar 9, 2004
Getting C/C++ developers to adapt new coding conventions can be frustrating to a team lead and other Java developers. Coming from a C/C++ and Microsoft background, my style was somewhat different from Sun's guidelines. I found that I was reformatting code all the time to my own convention. Reluctant to change my ways, and looking for every justification in the world not to, I asked experts for...
on Feb 29, 2004