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I much enjoyed listening to Ben Galbraith of Mozilla expound on user-interface design at JavaOne yesterday afternoon. Not only is the title, Creating Compelling User Interfaces, eye-catching, the content is well supported by quotations from experts. The Importance of UI Galbraith started the talk with a nod to Google: "Its front page has only a simple interface [for search] and we tend to forget...
on Jun 4, 2009
Java University at 2009 JavaOne was held on Sunday afternoon, May 31, and all day Monday, June 1. Earlier today, I caught up with Joe Boulenouar, senior Java specialist at Sun, and asked him how everything went in those 1-1/2 days. "Wonderfully," Joe beamed. "Impressive signups, enthusiastic students, active participation during class. All extremely gratifying." In particular, he pointed out...
on Jun 2, 2009
As of last Thursday, January 22, I stopped working for Sun because of a reduction in force. The past 20+ years of my technical writing career there were indescribably rewarding and fulfilling and I have my collaborators, editors, and numerous other colleagues to thank. Their professionalism, support, camaraderie, and the stellar examples that they set are invaluable to me. Blogging on in...
on Jan 28, 2009
PC Magazine just posted its 173 choices of The Best Free Software of 2009. Among the categories are App Launches, Audio/Music, Backup, Blogging, Browsers, Graphics, and others. Gratifyingly, under Office, OpenOffice, primarily sponsored by Sun, is honored as one of the 13 Hall of Fame winners. Terrific!
on Jan 15, 2009
If you're interested in the recent or popular community postings about Sun, don't miss the Community Voices site on Here are a few of the current headlines: MySQL University (Stefan's MySQL Musings) What Spaghetti Code Looks Like (Eric Wendelin's Blog) Moving from Swing to JavaFX (JavaWorld's Daily Brew) "Cloudy" Forecast for Computing (Mercury News) Enough to entice you to take a...
on Jan 6, 2009
A December 2008 posting on Storage Stop, the Sun OpenSolaris Storage News blog, lists and links to videos on many of Sun's products and technologies. The videos are divided into categories—ZFS, Open Storage, SSD/Flash Storage, OpenSolaris Projects, and Community—and include presentations at conferences, training events, interviews, and so forth. What a wealth of information from...
on Jan 5, 2009
Who doesn't enjoy reading predictions? Early last year, I came across a few articles that predict the high-tech happenings in 2008. Here they are—if only as fun reading: i-Technology 2008 Predictions: Where's RIAs, AJAX, SOA and Virtualization Headed in 2008? (JDJ) A Dozen Predictions for 2008 (Flex Developer's Journal) Five Predictions for 2008 ( All the best in the...
on Jan 2, 2009
Interested in the Solaris OS? Sun has set up a Solaris campus in Second Life, ready for you to visit any time. Reference material and presentations are at your fingertips there, including a Certification Center and a billboard that lists upcoming events in which a Sun representative will be present to answer your questions. Speaking of Solaris, be sure to subscribe to the monthly OpenSolaris...
on Oct 22, 2008
ACM Queue just published Part 1 of a two-part series on software engineering: an interview with Steve Bourne, Eric Allman, and Bryan Cantrill, three experts on the subject matter. The Q&As center on "the bread and butter of every developer's life, tools and technologies, and how the process of software development has changed (or not changed) with the rise of certain popular development...
on Sep 24, 2008
Students, check out Student Central, a brand new site at Sun. The content there is specifically tailored for you: open-source software, training and certification, career opportunities, Campus Ambassador Program, events, social networks.
on Sep 22, 2008
Sun Tech Days are a free developer conference that's held worldwide with technical sessions and hands-on labs on the Java language, scripting, MySQL, the NetBeans IDE, OpenSolaris, and other topics. A new schedule for 2008-2009 is now available, starting in Sao Paulo, Brazil between September 29-October 1 and moving on to 12 other cities, including Seoul, Taipei, Guangzhou, Tokyo, Singapore,...
on Sep 2, 2008
As you watch the exciting Summer 2008 Games in Beijing, do check out a related cool, fun-filled Facebook game called myPicks Beijing 2008. The game enables players to predict Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal winners throughout the Summer 2008 Games. If a player predicts correctly, points are added to that person's home-country score. Ultimately, the country with the highest point total at the...
on Aug 13, 2008
Beginners in Java programming, do visit the New to Java Programming Center for Young Developers. The hub suggests a learning path and offers tutorials and other resources not only to audiences with no or little programming experience, but also to those geared for more advanced techniques. Included are pointers to intuitive tools like Greenfoot, BlueJ, Scratch, and—all fun to...
on Aug 8, 2008
Be sure to check out this handy reference: the Code Samples wiki from Sun. The many segments are divided by category (Java SE, SE, ME, and FX platforms, scripting languages, and so forth) and then by topic (language syntax, math operations, multimedia, and so forth). And do share your code by adding to the collection! Wikis are superior for enabling exchanges.
on Aug 5, 2008
Reading's recent article, The Secret to Designing User-Friendly Interfaces for Desktop Software, reminds me of the thoughts from Sun senior interaction designer Frank Ludolph early this year. Without a doubt, UI design is an important aspect of software development and often a key determinant of a product's success. Donald Norman, the design expert interviewed in the...
on Jul 15, 2008
As defined on Sun Developer Network's new Python Developer Center, Python is a dynamic, object-oriented, multipurpose, and multiplatform programming language. The PDC also covers Jython, Django, and TurboGears, and points you to downloads and community postings, news, and events. Have a look.
on Jul 10, 2008
A recent Forbes interview with Sun CIO Bob Worrall on how Sun IT has been streamlining and consolidating internal applications since late 2005 sheds light on the challenges and rewards. Here are a couple of quotable quotes: "A big part of this challenge isn't the technology. It's getting the business side to understand how to run the business differently." "When it comes time to invest in an...
on Jun 3, 2008
Sun is offering students worldwide free online training courses, taught by technical experts and evangelists. The topics include Sun SPOT [Small Programmable Object Technology], JRuby, JavaFX, and the Solaris OS, with certificates awarded on completion of the requirements. Valuable learning opportunities! Do check them out.
on May 22, 2008
In a February posting, I spotlighted the Sun portal for student developers. A brand-new feature on the portal's Campus Ambassadors tab is a world map that displays the locations of those ambassadors. Clicking through the locations shows you the ambassadors' names along with pointers to their blogs, if applicable, and an option to sign up for notification of upcoming events. What a nifty...
on May 15, 2008