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 Project SAXTA (the acronym SAXTA is derived from SAtellite JXTAâ„¢) is a new, open network dedicated to the sharing of high-resolution NASA Earth observation data sets such as Landsat and ASTER data. SAXTA is using a decentralized JXTA P2P network architecture that enables users, Earth science scientists, and educators all over the world to freely access and share Earth data without...
on Dec 1, 2007
The JXTA community had another great presence at JavaOne. Here are some of the highlights. The Ricoh/Genius Bytes P2P Office app won a Duke award for most innovative Java application. P2P Office uses JXTA to securely connect printers and enable users to send documents to each other from any Internet-connected printers. The OpenJavaEE/Glassfish community announced Project Shoal. Project Shoal...
on May 24, 2006
JXTA vision is to abstract the Internet into a multitude of user's defined virtual p2p network overlays allowing Java applications to transparently roam from multiple network locations or connectivities while still remaining *virtually* connected. The latest JXTA application proXimio from Fabrice Dimeglio is demonstrating this new dimension in Java network programming. Wherever your are moving (...
on Feb 8, 2005