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I have this blog for a long time - in fact, I think I was one of the first 100 or so weblogers, as I joined it shortly after JavaOne 2003. Still, I haven't blogged that much (just 22 entries in 41 months), specially last year (only 4 semi-crappy posts). There are many reasons for this inactivity, but I guess the main one is lack of time, aggravated by lack of interest. But the good new is, this...
on Feb 12, 2007
I haven't blogged in a while - even after attending Java One 2004, which is source for blogging heaven - but I couldn't let this date pass on without making some noise. From Maven's main page: Maven 1.0 Released - 13 July 2004<br><br>Maven 1.0 has been released.<br><a href="">Download</a> | <a href="http...
on Jul 13, 2004
JSTL's SQL and XML are controversial taglibs. A lot of people complain they hurt the MVC principles, while others defend they can be useful in some situations (specially on protoypes and small projects). The truth is, both sides are right: it can causes great havoc in a MVC-based application, but it is an invaluable tool in small, time-limited projects like the one shown below Now let's forget...
on Mar 26, 2004
As I said in my previous weblog, more J2EE-related JSR final releases would be announced soon. And here they are: JSR 112 - J2EE Connector Architecture 1.5 JSR 152 - JavaServer Pages 2.0 Specification JSR 153 - Enterprise JavaBeans 2.1 Specification JSR 88 - J2EE Application Deployment (maintenance release) NOTE: if eventually more of those JSRs are released today, I will update this blog (...
on Nov 25, 2003
As a subscriber to the jcp-interest mailing lists, I receive many JCP/JSR announcements. In particular, everytime a JSR changes its status, I got an email about that change. Sometimes it take weeks to get a simple message, while at other times you got a bunch of them at once. And yesterday was one these days: I got a batch of messages regarding final releases, 4 of them related to the upcoming...
on Nov 25, 2003
A couple of weeks ago, I went to Abaporu, one of the technical conferences organized by Soujava (a Top 25 Jug) in Brazil. During the keynote, my friend Manoel Lemos was invited to talk about the the National Health Card Project, which has won the Duke's Choice Award in the Massive Scale category, during the last Java One. So, when he was called onstage, he brought the Dukie in one hand and a...
on Oct 23, 2003
The Java Community Process (or JCP) is the main responsible for Java being open and "democratic". Everything that is incorporated to the Java platform - from specific APIs to full J2SE versions - is created through Java Specification Requests (or JSRs), and everyone can propose a new JSR or participate in existing ones. The current version of JCP is 2.5, but a new version (2.6) is being forged...
on Sep 2, 2003