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Ok, so after a long trip home, I finally managed to write the final installment about JavaOne. In the morning, I attended Gavin King and Bob Lee's talk about Web Beans. The coolest thing about Web Beans is actually its dependency-injection support and the rich lifecycle model they are proposing. It is actually a merge between Seam and Guice strategies. It would be applicable to any kind of...
on May 16, 2007
So, let's proceed with my JavaOne report. I've attended the Meet the Swing, AWT and i18n Teams BOF, mainly because Sun's representative in our JSR would be there. We - Stephen was with me - met him and another Sun guy who works in the util & i18n team. They are nice chaps and I regret not taking a picture with them. Maybe I will fix that later this week :-) Then I went to Neal's talk on...
on May 10, 2007
So, after hearing from Danny Coward that our JSR is being considered for inclusion in Java SE 7, I came across Neal Gafter: Neal has contributed many things to the Java community while he worked for Sun and now he is one of the guys behind of the three closure proposals and has provided some input to our JSR - believe me, a few people need support for things you probably haven't ever heard about...
on May 9, 2007
During keynote this morning, John Gage has said his classic opening sentence again: this week, everyone is a Brazilian. Hey, I am one, so if you come across me during the event, I can probably teach you something ;-) So, to the real meat (I am a vegetarian, by the way, but you get it): Sun has announced that open-sourcing Java has finally been completed. You can go to OpenJDK and download the...
on May 8, 2007
After being disappointed at the Matisse session, I decided to go seeing what folks were doing at Redmonk. Well, the unconference was interesting and there were discusssions about scripting languages, invokedynamic and several, several other matters. I reviewed Stephen Colebourne's airplane hack - that he had improved at that time - and made a suggestion to get fewer classes that abstract the...
on May 8, 2007
JavaOne is about to start and I've already met some old friends again... 'nough said :-). I've met James Gosling during registration on Sunday. Ok, it is not like he actually remembers who I am without some explanation, but anyway... :-) I have had a great time since I've arrived here on Saturday. In the afternoon, I had a long chat with Stephen Colebourne, who co-leads JSR-310 with me. We'd...
on May 7, 2007
Have you imagined how hard it would be to learn and to program in Java if all language keywords, all docs, all things related to Java were written in Klingon? Well, for those who cannot read in English, this is called daily life (those who understand Klingon are not my target audience here). Most of the talented, gifted young programmers I have known had no clue about English when I first met...
on Jul 27, 2006 - or Jablo, as some people call it - is a valuable resource to Java developers that can read Portuguese. Although their names are similar, it has little to do with, a service mantained by Atlassian that aggregates several other blogs. Jablo is actually a Roller instance customized for the pt-BR locale - at least, as customized as possible given it is maintained by...
on Jun 15, 2005
FISL is the most important event about free software in Brazil. People from different countries come to attend sessions about free software such as Linux, PHP and others. As Java is starting to get more attention from the open source and free software community, there will be some talks about it in the main track. Besides that, SouJava, the largest JUG in Brazil, which I am proud to help to...
on May 28, 2004
I was going to blog about Date and Calendar (and how terrible they are), but these must wait now. Straight to the point: if you want to get J2SDK 1.5.0 alpha, just go to: This is a cooperation between JavaLobby - hey, just became a member 3 weeks ago, after years of Java, can you believe it? - and Sun. This is really a private release, so, you are not...
on Dec 24, 2003