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The JavaServer Pages v2.0 specification was released. Be sure to also check out Greg Wilkins' critque of the Java Servlet v2.4 specification.
on Nov 25, 2003
Greg Wilkins, creator of Jetty and co-founder of the Core Developers Network wrote this in-depth critique of the Java Servlet Specification v2.4.
on Nov 18, 2003
Nice to see some of the vendors go on record about making Java open source. Here's an artice talking with Oracle and Sun about the JCP and the newly proposed JCP v2.6. Here's a ComputerWorld article talking with various vendors and users. Here's an interview with Sun's Jonathan Schwartz on the issue. Here's more on the subject in an interview with James Gosling and here's my earlier blog on...
on Jun 20, 2003
James provides a nice, insider view of some of the thinking around open sourcing Java. There's a nice bit in there about the whole Microsoft fiasco too.
on Jun 20, 2003
Go home, have fun, and we'll do this again next year!
on Jun 13, 2003
Hmm... Java Everywhere and Mobility have been pushed at us all week long. Great. So then, why isn't there ubiquitous, open access wifi throughout the conference? There's a handful of private networks that are available in various areas but nothing at all in most of the conference rooms. Not a very coherent message that the Java community is leading the technology world. :-(
on Jun 13, 2003
I've been hunting around all week for some clear idea of exactly how many people have attended this year's JavaOne show. In contrast to last year, there wasn't even very much gossip floating around about the attendence numbers. Well, Sun hasn't stated any official numbers that I've been able to find. However, in snooping around, I've found out that the attendence number is around 12,000. That'...
on Jun 13, 2003
I mentioned An Independent Look At the Java Community ProcessSM Program in my first blog entry. The original title was "JCP Better than Open Source?" so you might imagine my expectation for fireworks at the session. Well, first off, the turnout was pathetic. Seems to me like the piss poor voter turnout thing. Of course, those folks still like to bitch. Sigh. Frank Sommers was allowed...
on Jun 12, 2003
As I've been walking around, sitting in sessions, and generally being a nuisance, I've been struck by the fact that there seems to be a noticeably larger percentage of female developers at the show than in previous years. Yes, this could be explained by the fact that there are fewer total people here this year so perhaps it's just more striking to my less saturated brain but.... What about in...
on Jun 12, 2003
What's up with all of the paranoia from open source advocates w.r.t. Hello?!? A key part of the whole point of open source is that competition is a good thing. Support the stuff that you like and don't support that you don't like. If there's no acceptable alternative to something that you don't like, make one!
on Jun 12, 2003
The authentication of the site is finally letting me log in on a regular basis so I can begin to catch up with all of my blogging! Yea! If you recall, last night I bitched about the fact that the weblogs weren't plugged during the Tuesday keynote. Well, John Gage and the rest of the guys strongly and repeatedly plugged both the weblogs and the Javapedia during today's keynote. Yea!...
on Jun 11, 2003
Best Evangelical: Java is Freedom by Amy Fowler -- quoted by husband John Fowler during Tuesday's keynote. Best Drug Reference:This is your brain on Java by me during the GE Medical demo. They used Java 2D & Java 3D to do display (and nauseating zooming :-) of various brain scans. Best Safe Sex Pitch:Do it more! Do it safely! by Jonathan Schwartz. I'll just leave the rest of the context to...
on Jun 11, 2003
<blog rant> Alas, in the rush to talk about other things, our community wasn't even mentioned during the announcement at this morning's keynote. Sigh. </blog rant>
on Jun 10, 2003
Well, it's that time again. A foggy summer in San Francisco and the annual pilgrimage of the Java faithful to the Moscone Convention Center. I've attended every JavaOne [can you believe this is "JavaEight"?] and the show, for a hoover like me, is always an exhausting slog to cram in as much as possible and still be standing at the end. To get some feel for my take on the show, check out my...
on Jun 9, 2003