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One of the reasons for the success of the JCP is that it requires a Specification, a Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) and a Reference Implementation (RI). The TCK is intended to cover the specification and the RI is required to pass the TCK; together, these deliver specifications that are implementable and testable. Together with the community participation in the Expert Group and in the...
on Jun 13, 2006
The World is smaller and it only takes a few minutes to get an email message across almost any two points. Geographic distance does not matter, but in one of my earliest blogs I argued that Time Zones Still Matter in the Internet. But that statement was based on email interactions and for the last few months I've had quite a bit of experience in the use of blogs over distant Time Zones. Based on...
on Feb 20, 2006
Not too long ago I thought it would be neat to try an audioblog of Java News... Not a very original ideal perhaps, and it turns out that Tor Norbye, Carl Quinn and Dick Wall have been doing a very good job with The Java Posse. They carry a pretty good set of Java News and Interviews and are already in volume 11. Cool! A pitty that my car does not have an MP3 player... maybe I'll have to...
on Nov 8, 2005
I just noticed that the Java Developer's Journal is holding their annual Readers' Choice vote. At one level this seems a good idea, but, unfortunately, in this type of poll the results can vary substantially depending on who votes, and that can change a lot through a few well-placed hyperlinks. The consequence is that the results are, in my opinion, not necessarily instructive. Polls and...
on Feb 24, 2005
I recently attended a presentation on a study corelating the mode of interactions (face to face, phone, email) between participants with the distance between them. The study used geographic distance and reported that people geographically close to each other would use face to face communication and that they would start using phone and email as people got farther away . This may be correct for...
on Aug 25, 2003
I was born in Spain (in Barcelona, Catalunya), and grew up in Venezuela where I went to college. I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area for my graduate work and eventually came to work in the Java platform group at Sun Microsystems. Now I'm used to being at the center of the Java universe, and for many of my interactions I either walk down the hall, pick up the phone, or have a quick email...
on Jun 13, 2003