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First of all, I know bad reporting very well, because I've done my share of it. The first step in writing a misleading technology article is to step out of your domain of expertise. I daresay the person who wrote the article in question doesn't know up from down in cognitive linguistics or AI. That said, I'm no Ph.D. in cognitive linguistics or AI either. But I just-so-happen to have been...
on Jun 20, 2005
RE: Twin Cities Interop Event being held on May 31st at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. The first-of-its-kind event, Interop City brings software technology user groups together for a day of presentations, demonstrations, and dialog on .NET and J2EE interoperability. Interop City is a unique event based on a grass roots initiative. Bringing together User Groups, Corporate IT, Vendors...
on May 24, 2005
Every day for the last several weeks, I have gotten up, trudged through subzero temperatures that can literally freeze your eyelids shut, sat down at my desk in an old NASA-funded research building, and infected Windows XP machines with a wide variety of spyware, viruses, worms, IRC bots, toolbars, adware, and other assorted barnacles of the electromechanical world. Barnacles, Spyruses, we have...
on Jan 14, 2005
For more information on DRL schema, visit the Drools Project Site
on Sep 14, 2004
I spoke with a couple of Geronimo's developers this morning, and I'm told the first version of the server (with all the pieces in place) is tagged in CVS and will soon be available for binary download. I'm also told the release notes caution users not to bet the farm on it in its early form. This will be a release for hackers, enthusiasts and 3rd party vendors who will be contributing major...
on Apr 28, 2004
package;/** * Obviously, the more complex this class becomes, * the less efficient it becomes, so I intentionally * left it simple, but you can feel free to extend it if * you wish.  Be creative! * * @author N. Alex Rupp */public class Government extends Monopoly {    public Justice dispenseRetributiveJustice(      ...
on Nov 6, 2003