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Put Away Your Books and Get Out a Piece of Paper Check out a new quiz from yrs truly on I combed through interviews looking for questions that might entertain and inform. Here's an example: Fill in the blank: Joshua Bloch says that the strangest thing about the Java platform is __________. A. Poor Unicode support. B. java.lang.Cloneable does not contain clone()...
on Mar 4, 2009
Got Advice for Students? If so, check out my article on where 11 leading Java developers -- from Joshua Bloch to Tor Norbye to Chet Haase -- offer advice about how to become better developers. I've excerpted and consolidated useful advice from previous interviews. Here's a brief sampling: Josh Bloch: "Write lots of code. Have fun with it! Collaborate with people who are more...
on Dec 12, 2008
I finally had a chance to put up three vodcasts I captured of demos from the 2008 JavaOne conference pavilion floor. Spence Murray, a developer with Sentilla, a company that believes "The World is the Computer," demoed their new Sentilla developer kit. James Gosling commented on the kits:
on Jul 25, 2008
JavaOne '08 has come and gone before I could catch my breath or let you know where I blogged about this wonderful event this year. Anyway, if you're still interested, I blogged over here. Stop by and have a look at postings by yours truly and the rest of the jsc writers. For those of you who went to JavaOne, what are you doing reading this? You must have better things to do. Just kidding --...
on May 13, 2008
In a new article NetBeans, Solaris, GlassFish: The Ruby's Red Slippers Fit just up on, yours truly covers the Ruby/JRuby landscape. I got to adventure into new territory and learn a bit about Ruby and accompanying technologies that share some of Ruby's glitter. Those who have not wandered in Ruby land might take a look -- a lot is happening. * The TIOBE Programming Community index...
on Mar 27, 2008
Anyone interested in game development, please take a look at my interview with Sun Lab's Jeff Kesselman. Here's the basic story: There appears to be a huge market for massive multiplayer online games (MMOGs) that scale to thousands of users, but the technical and economic challenges have been -- until now -- enormous. They require expertise in multi-threaded programming, distributed computing,...
on Oct 22, 2007
Have a look at an interview I conducted with Java Champion Dr. Heinz Kabutz who frequently sets up shop with his laptop on the beach in Crete where he lives. Kabutz is the creator of the Java Specialists' Newsletter, which, after 150 issues, now has an audience of some 30,000 programmers in 114 countries. Heinz makes interesting points: * The java.util.Arrays class is a good example of bad code...
on Oct 11, 2007
Please tell me what you think of Sun chief open source officer Simon Phipps's analysis of open source communities that I've summarized in an article on Simon has overseen the open sourcing of the Java platform for Sun since his arrival in 2000 -- he's very thoughtful. (Here's Simon's blog. Some brief points: Now that software communities are easy to create and showing up everywhere...
on Sep 6, 2007
Would love it if you'd check out YouTube where, with a SONIA demo in the background at JavaOne 2007, yours truly talks with David Mercier, an engineering student at Ecole de Technologie Sup
on May 17, 2007
Looking back on JavaOne 2007 The 2007 JavaOne Conference is over. As always it
on May 17, 2007
Just a few more days before the 2007 JavaOne commences and I
on May 4, 2007
Here's a new interview, Managing Applications With Java SE 6: A Conversation With Vasanthan Dasan, that I did with Sun Distinguished engineer Vasanthan Dasan, chief technologist for the Services Product Unit. Vasanthan takes a look at the serviceability and maintenance developments in Java SE 6, provides an update on Sun support options for Java technology in mission-critical...
on Feb 5, 2007
A new article, "FareCompare Ready to Soar With Migration to Java SE 6," by yours truly, imho is interesting in a couple of ways. First, it provides some inside dope on airline pricing and, of greater interest, gives details on how to use a new site,,
on Jan 9, 2007
Among the topics currently scheduled for my editorial beat: -- The Slot Car Programming Challenge wherein developers get to test their skills with Real-Time Java. Standard 1/24 scale cars run around a track with 80 sensors spread along its length with a power supply controlled by an A/D converter driven from a workstation. Contestants have to write software that controls the car while going as...
on May 10, 2006