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In late January I considered what I'd do if I had several free months to wander Europe. A look at the Lanyard Java Conferences calendar gave me a great idea: I could wander through Europe from Java conference to Java conference, while also enjoying everything in between! My imaginary trip started in Stockholm, Sweden, with Jfokus 2014. I'm now traveling 1400 km southwest, to Br
on Mar 1, 2014
Looking Forward to JavaOne Sunday: JUG Forums, NetBeans Day, GlassFish, Technical Keynotes, Duke's Choice Awards It used to be that Sunday was a fairly relaxing day for most. Not anymore! This year, Sunday is already overcrowded with many more events and sessions than one can possibly attend, as the JavaOne 2013 Content Catalog Sunday entries demonstrate. Sunday's activity can be divided into...
on Sep 22, 2013
Frans Thamura is a leader of JUG Indonesia, a Java Champion, an entrepreneur, and the founder of Meruvian. He has implemented the JEDI program in Indonesia under the goverment's Java education services JENI Project. In this fourth "Lightning Interview" I asked Frans about starting and leading a Java User Group. Interview 1. Why did you decide to start JUG Indonesia? Frans: I...
on May 12, 2013
My previous "State of Java" posts highlighted JUG-AFRICA and the JCP's new openness. In this post, I talk about the new cooperation between JUGs and the JCP, which is exemplified by the Adopt-a-JSR initiative. Looking at Java's history, both the JCP and Java User Groups have been around for a very long time. Yet, active engagement between the two has only started to happen now. Why is this the...
on Nov 13, 2011
This is the first edition of a new column I'll be writing each weekend titled " the Week in Review." In the column, I'll present all of the previous week's Java Today news items, a selection of blog posts, polls, and spotlights. I'll organize the presentation by categorizing the featured news items, so if, for example, your interest is JavaEE and GlassFish, you'll be...
on May 1, 2010
Kathy Sierra, an author with a weblog of her own, has just posted a tremendously interesting message to Studio B's "Computer Book Publishers" list. Click the above link — here it is again if you're seeing this via RSS or equivalent funkiness — before continuing here, because she's got a lot more to say than I do. You read it right? OK, we can continue. First, there are an...
on Feb 24, 2004