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I've written a little about virtual worlds in some of my previous blogs, and this morning I'm excited to announce I'll be working more with the developer community in Second Life for Sun. In the past, I have given chats to developers on various topics of Java programming, especially to beginners. These are always fun events for me because the developer community in Second Life is so enthusiastic...
on Aug 27, 2008
By Dana Nourie, August 2008 Java programming is easy to learn. All Java programs are made up of objects just like the world around you. And Java objects do things with each other like you do things with objects wherever you are. This article explains what Java objects are and how they interact with each other. You will get familiar with some basic...
on Aug 8, 2008
by Dana Nourie Learning the Java platform is an adventure. There is so much you can do with Java technologies. Yet, figuring out what you want to do and where to start is the first hurdle you need to clear. This article describes the tools you can use to learn Java programming. You decide which tool to start with based on what you currently know. After reading about the tools, you'll discover...
on Jul 30, 2008
Now Facebook users have a page to lead them to content that can help them learn Java programming. Log in to your Facebook account and Become a Fan of  Get Started with Java Programming!
on Jul 22, 2008
Sun writers have begun covering the 2008 JavaOne Conference. Get information on Java University, CommunityOne, the latest technologies, views on technical sessions and Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) talks, and special interviews with attendees and evangelists. 2008 JavaOne Conference Blogs Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed so you can read all of the entries as they appear. Dana Nourie
on Apr 29, 2008
I'm writing the blogs about the MySQL Conference at because of some technical issues. This morning I added two blogs: The MySQL Workbench: and The World with Free Software: Dana Nourie
on Apr 15, 2008
The MySQL Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, CA starts this week, and I am looking forward to the sessions. Today was tutorial day, but my day officially begins Tuesday morning and will go until Thursday. I started using the MySQL database about nine years ago when I was creating web sites. Most web service providers used MySQL for their customers, and they still do. MySQL was popular then,...
on Apr 14, 2008
SDN Chat: Meet the Writers of Please join us in Sun's Developer Playground in Second Life on Thursday, February 14 at 10am PST to meet the writers of SMI Press is offering attendees one of three new SMI Press books for free!
on Feb 12, 2008
The New to Java Programming Center has recently been redesigned to accommodate more articles and tutorials, community information, and has been organized so the information you need is easy to find. If you are new to the Java platform, you can use the New to Java Programming Center to get your computer set up with the Java platform, learn the syntax of the Java programming language, and learn...
on Jan 25, 2008
Developers have been asking frequently lately if we have any new certification courses out, and I am happy to say that we do. See below: Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform, Standard Edition 6-- The Sun Certified Programmer for Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 certification exam is for programmers experienced using the Java programming language. Achieving this certification provides...
on Dec 10, 2007
The Java Fundamentals chat within Second Life was a Huge success! We had about 25 attendees, and everyone was enthusiastic with their questions. We had a great discussion. In case you missed it, I've posted it below with minor editing. Additionally, at the end is the information from the Note card that the attendees received. Here in this blog format, we cannot share the free virtual T-shirts...
on Dec 5, 2007
Hi Everyone, The staff are gearing up to cover the JavaOne conference this year. We are attending some of the sessions and writing articles and blogs to cover the event. It looks like it's going to be a great year. We have already we have put together Top 10 articles to point out some sessions we thought would be useful to you, and we have arranged them by theme. Here are a few...
on May 3, 2006