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Is Go a Java replacement?  Of course not, but I do wonder what Google's up to:  
on Jan 25, 2010
Even if you love Netbeans, don't you think Eclipse is worth $5?
on Oct 31, 2009
My last blog was back in April...  I really don't have anything Java relevent to share, just making sure that my account doesn't go dormant. I'm now based in Santa Fe New Mexico instead of Austin Texas.  If you know of any interesting groups or events in the area, please let me know.
on Oct 26, 2009
I heard the news while driving home Monday night... This is really very good news for Java. The earlier acquisition talks of Sun by IBM would have provided significant resources, but let's face it... IBM began as a hardware company (as did Sun). Oracle is and always has been a software company, and a very effective one. With Sun, Oracle acquires a great Operating System (Solaris) and it assumes...
on Apr 22, 2009
If you are a Developer who builds sites where folks go to "do things", then I hope can inspire you to think a bit about those "things" as part of a larger Process. It's not a huge leap to build into your site the hooks that a Process Guy like me needs to incorporate your site into a larger Managed Process. I'll be grateful if you make the effort, and I'll bet the users of your site will be too....
on Apr 17, 2009
Rumor has it that IBM is buying Java - and the company that spawned it. Of course I'm exaggerating- Sun's more than just Java - but I bet Java is the key. IBM has made huge investments over the years that are dependent on Java, and the prospect of anyone else getting hold of Java has got to keep many IBM execs up at night. Will this be a good thing for Java? I think so. Open Source software...
on Mar 18, 2009
Chris Adamson recently questioned the value of Swing 2 and I have to go one further... Isn't it time to admit that the Desktop is dead? I think that it's pretty clear that GWT points to the future and "Swing 2" clings to the past. Marc Andreessen was a bit premature when he said something like "The Browser is the Operating System" back in the 90's, but it's clear that his prediction is coming to...
on Mar 3, 2009
There's an interesting thread going on over at InfoQ regarding the relationship between BPM and Software Engineering. One subtext of this discussion raises a wider question - When is it "Programming" and when is it "Software Engineering"? I'm not sure that the distinction really matters... it's kind of like trying to nail down a definition for "Scripting Languages" rather than "Real"...
on Jan 27, 2009
Which came first? Object Oriented Methodology or Object Oriented Languages? From where I was standing at the time I'd have to say Object Oriented Methodology. Our practical experience with software led us to value encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism - but we didn't have to tools to enforce those concepts in our code. End result: We knew how to write good code but it was awfully hard...
on Oct 15, 2008
Back when I was working on Tandy's DeskMate we were trying to build a personal computer "that Mom could use". I think we came pretty close to that goal... Mom could use it. Unfortunately Mom didn't want to use it :-( Fast forward to today, and I am firmly entrenched in the wonderful world of Business Software Development Tools. I'm not so much interested in building software for businesses...
on Sep 18, 2008
My blog entry on User Manual Driven Development prompted Chris Adamson to share some thoughts of his own as For Reasons Unknown. My blog entry relates my early experience of developing an application from a pre-written user's guide. Since then I came across a very similar approach that's used by Daniel Brolund that he calls User Guide Driven Development... obviously great minds think alike...
on Sep 12, 2008
One of the best jobs that I ever had was back in the mid-80's working for Scott Cutler at Tandy Electronics Research and Development. I worked on the team that built the DeskMate II GUI shell and its associated applications. This was back in the glory days when many vendors were still pushing their own graphical environments - Apple clearly in the lead - Windows not yet quite measuring up -...
on Sep 5, 2008
My friend Bob was troubled when I blogged "Object Only Programming is Silly". Bob knows from experience that life after OO is dramatically better than life was before OO... so my criticisms just don't sit well with him. Obviously I must have gone off the deep end :-) If you're interested in Bob's thoughts and my reply, check out my ramblings: Another look at Object Oriented versus Process Driven...
on Aug 30, 2008
Is Programming hard... or are we making programming hard? That thought came to mind while I was reading Johan Den Haan's well stated opinions on Reasons Why Model-Driven Approaches (will) Fail over at Info Q. He's not saying that MDA won't work, just that it's not the be-all and end-all to solve all of the headaches of programming. I mostly agree with Johan's opinions about MDA... in my lexicon...
on Aug 6, 2008
Fill in the blank in the following statement: Most Software Development Obstacles are ______ (A) Technical (B) Cultural If you answered (A), then I am intensely jealous :-) When I became a programmer, my answer definitely would have been (A) and I probably wouldn't have had a clue why (B) was even on the list. I doubt that I had any idea what "Cultural Obstacle" even meant in the context of...
on Jul 27, 2008
Tom Baeyens, of JBoss jBPM fame, published a great overview of BPM's past and possible future in his article: Process Component Models: The Next Generation In Workflow ? over at InfoQ. Check it out!
on Apr 22, 2008
Every so often I come across a blog entry that makes my own attempts to put my thoughts in writing seem pathetically inadequate. Stevey's Blog Rant: Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns is one such entry. Stevey's position is that Object Only Languages are silly... at least that's how I sum up his blog. I couldn't agree more, and I couldn't have said it better... I've tried several times: My first...
on Apr 18, 2008
Any tools can be used wrong, and I believe that's the reason many developers hate BPM. They just don't know how the BPM tools should be used... and I'd love to rectify that situation. If you grok Process Driven Development you will love BPM. If you don't, then you'll try to use your BPM tools like a traditional application development environment and you will end up with a mess. It's all about...
on Feb 8, 2008
It's not too late to Give One and Get One... The One Laptop Per Child initiative may not be perfect, but why not support them anyway? I ordered mine today: Confirmation Thank you for participating in Give One Get One. Your donation will bring education and enlightenment to children of the developing world, and, in recognition of your gift, you will be receiving an XO laptop for the child in your...
on Nov 26, 2007
A few years ago I posted a short blog entry "The SOA Elevator Speech" to try to distill SOA into talking points that you might be able to cover on one elevator ride. With that posting in mind, here's my attempt at explaining BPM as concisely as I can... BPM stands for "Business Process Management". You will find some folks who say that the "M" stands for Modelling, and a few others who say that...
on Nov 7, 2007