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I had an interesting phone chat with a friend based in Bangalore, India using Skype (I am based in Australia). While not going into specifics, he outlined his take home pay and as he was saying it, it hit me like a thunderbolt. His take home pay was only 10% less than my take home pay. In actual dollar terms. So, for example, if my pay was $50000, he was getting $45000 in Indian Rupees. That...
on Apr 9, 2007
A recent discussion on the Queensland JUG mailing list here in Australia, has echoed some of my thoughts on Java frameworks. Before I point you towards this list and the messages in it, let me confess something. I have never used Hibernate commercially. There. With that career ending publicly stated confession, let me take a bow and get out of the way to contemplate a career change to opening my...
on May 9, 2006
In early January of this year, my wife and I decided to build a new home on a block of land that we had purchased last year. We looked around for a fair bit, and finally found a builder (Newstart Homes) who had a plan that suited our budget and our block. So we decided to sign on the dotted line, paying the hefty deposit of $3000, on the condition that the final costs for site works be told to us...
on Apr 6, 2006
Yes, I am confused about which way to go with Java. I just read this article . On one hand, the keepers of the Java flame are making the language harder and harder to understand and use (Generics anyone?). On the other, Bruce wants it so simplified that he wants it to read like spoken English ("Ruby may not be to your liking, but it's a pretty clean language, and it's much closer to English than...
on Oct 20, 2005
For some time now I went on the Agile programming bandwagon convinced that it was the next best thing since sliced bread. After a sustained year of practicing it, I am off the wagon. It is annoying, superficial and doesn't necessarily produce better results than traditional programming. My problems with Agile programming. -- Without a design up front, you are shooting in the dark hoping that what...
on Oct 2, 2005
Two blog entries have made me come back from work induced blog hibernation. First, Chris bloged about how Coding skills are no longer enough in his daily blog. In response, John Reynolds says that "If you learn to communicate with your business people, and you treat them with respect... your odds of keeping your job will dramatically improve (and you might even make a few more friends)." Hmm true...
on Sep 22, 2005