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The recent complaint from Oracle to Google is probably one of the most key events that may dictate Java's legacy. Is this what Java really needs or are we missing something else? Lawsuits are incredibly exciting for legal teams, albeit lots of work. For the rest of the company on either side the novelty soon wears off, cases can span multiple product releases and even years so its a constant...
on Aug 25, 2010
There were a few ripples around the Java community given that James Gosling the founding father of Java has left Oracle/Sun. I'm not that surprised, I'm sure many others are not either. Google must have made inquiries on more than one occasion and Sun had a number of painful years even when I was there, plenty of layoffs that made each release more difficult and that was 5 years ago. ...
on Apr 12, 2010
I was very fortunate and lucky to meet Pavarotti in 1982. Its an easy date to remember as it was at a recording session for Verdi's Un Ballo in Maschera. I sung in the Junior Royal College of Music choir and on this occasion we were taken by coach to the recording studio and then waited for Pavarotti to arrive. It was a fairly hot day in London. When he entered the studio, his presence I can...
on Sep 6, 2007
Nothing to do with the Mythbusters but the titanic really was outside Javaone today before being lifted on top of the Metreon. Yesterday I spent several hours walking through the Java pavilion floor, lots of great stuff to see and some good giveaways by the vendors here. I also stumbled upon a photo opportunity of James with the Dukes Choice awards
on May 17, 2006
I saw a strange headline that "C# seems to be the only .NET language that is going to stay" In the TIOBE search results this was based on its rise to 3.2% in their index compared to the declining 6.5% of Visual Basic. I had to stare at their graph to even see the C# line so this is a pretty far out statement to me! Java is back at #1, reclaiming from C. Infact...
on Sep 28, 2005
So you want something for free? Come along to the SpikeSource TestFest in the San Francisco Bay Area on 17th June and put your Java and (non-Java) code to the test... literally. Checkout the website, for registration and further details.
on May 25, 2005