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Google maps was a useful hit from the moment it went on line. Since then thousands of web pages have added map capability to their sites, courtesy of Google. Let me illustrate how you can add Google maps to your Java application. Background Google furnishes its maps via a simple REST request. Does this mean you need to add some fancy REST framework to your application? Not at all! Java provides...
on Oct 16, 2010
Allow me to start with a small disclaimer: For those who do not already know; I lead the cajo project, where we promote the idea that the internet can be a collection of World Wide Virtual Machines; where remote objects are used just as local objects. Yet there is a small, but rather vocal community, who wish to espouse that distributed object RPC is somehow flawed, and that 'messaging' is a...
on Jun 25, 2006
I felt as if a gauntlet had been thrown down before me. How could I profess that Java truly makes the network the computer, if it can not match the functionality of .NET remoting? While I am not yet convinced .NET is going about remoting in the best way, it is definitely very intuitive. Surely Java must be able to do it like that too... right? Well friends, I am happy to say that the challenge...
on Jun 8, 2006
I guess that means I should start: I sincerely hope you find what you are looking for Bruce. It would be an amazing discovery for sure: Now people can develop sophisticated solutions, with little effort, time, skill, or even knowledge! It is a Holy Grail; and to be sure, you are not the only one questing for it. It has been quested for ages actually, harking back to the dawn of computers....
on May 28, 2006
As I mentioned in my previous blog, the World WideVirtual Machine is a very exciting free space for the development of robust scalable fault-tolerant distributed applications. The cajo project is a small free framework defined to simply and easily realize this vision. Its reception by the community has been both strong and positive. So in response to this, I thought it would be...
on Aug 1, 2004