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2011, and I'm back to my favourite conference. In the past two years I attended JavaOne and Jazoon, but for different reasons I wasn't able to go to Antwerpen. A number of things have changed in the meantime. Sun is no more here, but I already absorbed the shock at JavaOne 2010. Devoxx is held in November since a couple of years (previously it was in December). For my desire to match a...
on Nov 16, 2011
The CFP for Devoxx 2011 has been opened; more info at
on May 17, 2011
The spring is here at last, and yesterday I was walking on a beach. Often walking on sand beaches recall me the "paradox of the heap": you have a heap of sand, let's say made of a million of sand grains. Then you remove one, and get 999,999 sand grains. No doubt, it's still a heap. Now you repeat the process, and eventually you'll get with a single grain of sand in your hand. No doubt,...
on Apr 11, 2010
I love owls; they are so elegant and have a strong personality (too bad in so many years I've been unable to take photos at any of them!). Unfortunately in my culture (and probably many others) they have also got a bad reputation, as they were considered messengers of bad fortune. It's for this reason that in italian a "gufo" is also a person who, for innate attitude or purportedly,...
on Jan 28, 2010
My first speech of the year will be at the JavaDay 2010 in Rome - officially a JUG event, practically a mini-conference (with more than one thousand attendees). It's free, so save the date. My speech will be about best design practices for component oriented platforms - of course, such as the NetBeans Platform, but it's a design talk, so most concepts can be applied in different contexts as...
on Jan 11, 2010
Sun has launched the "Student Reviews Contest": it is reserved to students that are regularly enrolled in an educational institute and would like to write a review about OpenSolaris or NetBeans 6.1. The prizes are small ($250 grand prize and five $100 prizes), but the work needed to compete is light and this could be your chance to gain some visibility. All the details are here; Italy is part of...
on May 15, 2008
This is my most probable agenda for the incoming JavaPolis. Of course, I'll change something on the fly, in any case these are the talks that look most interesting to me. As usual, I'll have some problems with late evening BoFs, because of the meetings at the restaurants. Please be aware that some talk titles have been shortened. Monday 10 Tuesday 11 Wednesday 12...
on Nov 28, 2007
Just a quick reminder: european developers should not forget the NetBeans Day in Zurich, next Saturday. It's a FREE event and you will have the chance of knowing all the things that you always wanted to know about NetBeans, from the mouth of evangelists, the NetBeans staff and other developers. I also see a "beerbust" in the agenda at the end of the meeting... ;-) - indeed I don't drink beer, but...
on Jun 19, 2007
Apple has just posted bad news: the release of Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) has been delayed to October. With the usual arrogance, Apple has never disclosed to Java developers its official plans about Java 6, but since the latest pre-release dates several months back we have understood that the final release is bound to Leopard. This was already a questionable decision, in any case until yesterday it...
on Apr 12, 2007
... but most of the replies to my previous post "Where are we going?" (also at TheServerSide follow-up) ended up talking about closures etc. It sounds like nowadays it's inavoidable to talk about code and syntax. Too bad. I thought that my next post would have focused on the "process" concept (since it looks like there's a sort of language barrier), but I'm postponing it and getting into the mud...
on Jan 11, 2007
I was going to publish some other blog entry about my projects, but as I think that for the next days the "opensourcing Java" stuff will get the lion's share, I think I'll pause for a while... ;-)
on Nov 13, 2006
Thanks to the staff at, I've got my brand new blog in the most important Java community on the planet. Wow. This means that I will try to make my posts even more interesting, as I have to keep up with the quality of my new home. As you probably deduced by the title, this first entry is just a test to see if I'm able to use the blogging tools without causing too damage. But I'll...
on Nov 3, 2006