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I'm sitting in the general session to be given by IBM's Craig Hayman, Vice President IBM WebSphere, IBM Software Group. In the pre-screens, it says "JAVA = Innovation" ... Change and innovation comes from combining ideas that already exist, i.e. by digesting and transforming history in the context of present. No history exists without a community to propagate it! The history of Java and...
on Jun 4, 2009
Here, I usually write about Java-related issues, like my recent posts about Java DB. However, every once in a while I point to something outside of Java, usually turning focus on some other communities and projects managed by Sun. When this happens, I usually write on my Blogs.Sun.Com (BSC) blog, and put a pointer here. So, as an example, most recently I have posted a brief note about some...
on May 11, 2009
This year, JavaOne let's students get in free! Plus, they can sign up for CommunityOne at the same time. Both passes are full conference passes with access to everything! Educators can also get in free when they bring 10 students with them to the conference. If they aren't able to do this, they still get a fantastic deal of $895 for a full conference pass. What is a Full Pass?...
on Apr 17, 2009
I just posted my account of these "golden rules" on my blog. Have fun reading it. I would be interested in any review comments or suggestions.
on Feb 5, 2009
Here's an announcement just circulated by Krista Van Tassel, Sun's eco marketing program manager: Sun is continuing to promote Eco Responsibility at JavaOne and will be hosting our second-annual Bike to JavaOne for all partners, employees and conference attendees next week. To help Sun make JavaOne a "greener" event, you are encouraged to bike or take public transportation to the conference....
on May 4, 2007