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Why do we live? Why am I born? Why do I have the power to ask myself "why do I have the power to ask myself?". Does an ant think what it is doing? Why it works all day long and never sleeps? If an ant would be able to think why he works all the day and follow only the one infront of him would there be a perfect colony for the ants? Which ant decides which path is the best to find food and why an...
on Sep 17, 2004
Cultural Creative is a term coined by Paul H. Ray and Sherry Anderson to describe people whose values embrace a curiosity and concern for the world, its ecosystem, and its peoples; an awareness of and activism for peace and social justice; and an openness to self-actualization through spirituality, psychotherapy, and holistic practices. I believe that everyone in this project (also in other os...
on Aug 16, 2004
Have you ever heard about lovemarks? Kevin Roberts, the CEO of Saatchi&Saatchi, invented the term lovemark to describe a brand that connects on an emotional level with consumers. Simply a lovemark is the mark you love. Because love is the point in long lasting relationships, it is important to be loved if you want continuing interest. Most of the open source softwares are created with java...
on Aug 10, 2004