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We are making progress on the next release of Leonardo, an open source desktop Java drawing program. One of the key features scheduled for the next release is a webservice that lets users save and share reusable symbols they've created. For example, someone could create a set of GWT mockup widgets, then share this set with others. The challenge I face is that I'm mainly a client side developer....
on Dec 7, 2010
I'd like to take a second out of my usual technical blogging to discuss something important. Sun recently launched two new open source projects: the Scene Graph and PDF Renderer projects. In both cases some readers wondered why Sun felt the need to start new projects rather than contribute to or recommend existing open source and commercial projects. Is Sun opposed to commercial Java software...
on Dec 20, 2007
After a several hour trek through Prague Castle and the Cathedral I arrived back at my hotel with around 400 photographs. It's going to take a while to go through them but here are some highlights. After the castle I had dinner with Sébastien Letélié and Doug Matthews, two Java developers who live here in Prague and contacted me through my blog. We got a chance to discuss...
on Nov 12, 2006
So it's been a week and I've seen a lot of response to my last entry. One commentor in particular asked for a point by point rebuttal; which struck me as a spectacularly good idea. Here are the bulk of the arguments and my responses. The Arguments Java isn't Free / Open Source / GPL / RMS-friendly Why use Java when there are plenty of native languages / environments to choose from. Java is...
on May 3, 2004
I'm going to try to really tackle the issue of opensourcing Java and state my opinion of why it's a bad idea. Then I'll propose a way would could do it without all of the problems. It's a long one but please read to the end and provide your feedback. This is an issue that many feel strongly about and has the potential to influence Java's long term future. And as a career Java developer, it's...
on May 3, 2004
Last week I spent a much needed vacation in The Outer Banks. If you ever see a sticker with OBX in a circle on it, that's the Outer Banks. Beautiful and isolated barrier islands off of the coast of North Carolina, they provide great rest and relaxation. And also the opportunity to think about how technology fits in our lives. I've got lots of new ideas to discuss in my coming entries, but one in...
on Sep 9, 2003
I've seen lots of arguments on the merits of weak typing. It encourages flexiblity. It lets me write code faster. I don't worry about the details until later. I can do cool runtime tricks. I don't buy it. I use a strongly typed language because the code it produces is more robust. Typing solves a slew of common programming errors all at once. It ensures that my code will always do exactly what I...
on Aug 15, 2003