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I started working for Sun Microsystems since Janurary 2001, when I first came to the US. During these years I was able to work on many different projects, such as MSV, JAXB, JAX-WS, Metro, GlassFish v3, and Hudson, to name a few, with many great people. It was all quite an enjoyable journey. I won't list all those names one by one here, for it will be too long, but if you are one of them, I think...
on Apr 5, 2010
Hudson Hackathon Day 1 is over, and I'm just back to the office. Total of 9 people came and we had a great time talking about infrastructure issues, possible enhancements, design dicussions, exchanging tips and plugins that they've developed, and otherwise building personal relationships. It was a beautiful day outside, and fortunately the meeting room had a lot of Sun lights to create a warm...
on Mar 19, 2010
Due to the recent availability problem in, I've set up Subversion mirrors for Hudson and various GlassFish related projects at If you are checking out source code for builds (such as through Hudson :-), or otherwise just need to look at the code, please feel free to use this repository. If you have existing workspaces of these repositories, you may switch...
on Oct 8, 2009
I'll be leaving the bay area on Monday to give a talk about Hudson in JavaZone 2009. The talk will include both the general introduction of Hudson, as well as some of the advanced topics. Europe has a lot of Hudson adoptions (possibly better than in the U.S.), so I'm hoping to meet with many of Hudson users and developers there. I'll be back next Friday. I was hoping to take a few days off in...
on Sep 4, 2009
At work, I and my colleagues rely heavily on So a glitch in the system is often a serious issue for us. Because of this (and because I like automation and I like auto-generated graphics), I have developed a few monitoring systems, to keep the pulse of the crucial services. This monitoring has been running internally inside Sun's corporate firewall, but now that...
on Aug 24, 2006
Since mid-2005, we are starting to observe a large latency in the e-mail delivery. For example, when someone commits a change in CVS, the delivery of the change notification e-mail often gets delayed. When you post to a mailing list, the distribution of that e-mail gets delayed, similarly. So I started monitoring this delay, in an attempt to better understand the problem, and to reduce...
on Nov 30, 2005