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I wanted to wait for the dust to settle a bit before airing my comments on the now dated news that Sun Microsystems has open-sourced Java. I recall clearly a period of activity on where many (including me) voiced their desire to see Java open-sourced. Now that this has happened I'm amazed at the correlation of this event with my own experiences. In my career I've open-sourced two...
on Dec 4, 2006
Each time I look at the task of constructing a business software application, I see tremendous repetition. Each application has many facets, most of them are generic. Yet each time we appear to rebuild each facet from scratch. For example, we construct new authentication screens. We build an object model for our domain. We must construct mechanisms for browsing and searching objects,...
on Apr 20, 2006
in a article i wrote on ashkelon a few months ago, i'd mentioned the idea of resurrecting a community docs web site based on ashkelon. the original site was at, whose name always felt a little inadequate. so i checked on and lo and behold, it was available. so i've been thinking about doing this very thing: bringing the site back, under a new (more...
on Apr 22, 2005
I'm about to embark on a set of trips: I'm participating in the 2005 'No Fluff Just Stuff' software conferences tour. The first conference is up in Milwaukee; the tour is detailed on the NFJS web site. I last participated in 2003, giving talks on a couple of open source projects. My talks in 2003 included the Castor data binding framework for Java, XUL, and my ashkelon open source...
on Feb 15, 2005
The Austin JUG held its July meeting two days ago. The topic was "JavaOne 2003 Recap." We had a great turnout (close to 100 people crammed into our meeting location) and the level of interest was high. Five members who attended JavaOne gave a short talk on their experience at the conference and participated in the discussion panel that ensued. What I particularly enjoyed was how...
on Jul 31, 2003
I recently read Will Iverson's "Mac OS X for Java Geeks" and thought I'd contribute my impressions of this recently published book. In summary: a quick read a good book nice diversity of topics well-balanced selection of topics This is one of these topics where you know it's a hot topic but you can't quite define it. Maybe it's because Mac OS X and Java are fairly orthogonal...
on Jul 10, 2003
Don't ask me why but I ordered my copy of the O'Reilly Tomcat book online instead of picking it up at the bookstore at JavaOne. My copy just came in the mail. It's nice to see how Tomcat has matured and that we now have access to a bound reference on this popular server which has become an industry workhorse. Thanks to the authors, the contributors, and to O'Reilly for a very...
on Jul 1, 2003