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Virtual Machine

Graham Hamilton today said that with Visual Basic, we now have a second language for the JVM! As if that's new! One web page lists nearly 200 languages, most custom or unknown (Jacl, E, yoyo) but many well known (Ada, COBOL, forth). I suppose for marketing reasons this might be a good thing to say because the market has ignored this. And Graham is right that extending the VM to support other...
on May 16, 2006
FreeBSD Java is based on Intel, so it might be possible to apply it to port Mustang for Darwin, the underlying OS layer of Mac OS X on Intel Macs. One more feasible idea about the porting is making a headless version of Mustang for Intel Macs, i.e. core Java without graphic facilities such as AWT, Swing, and Java 2D. Or, we can just wait for Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) to come up with Mustang :-)
on Mar 10, 2006
I completely switched my development platform to PowerPC G5 and got curious of whether Java on Mac OS X supports 64-bit mode. The answer is, there's no explicit option for the mode, but certainly some benefit explained at . Please correct me if I'm wrong about it and honestly, I wish some day we can see the option on Mac.
on Feb 17, 2006
I'm off to India for the Sun Tech Day in Chennai, February 7th and 8th. Two days of bringing people up to speed on all the cool technology we have out there. After that I'll be participating in the Sun Developer Day on February 9th in Pune, and one in Kolkata on February 14th. Then it's off to the Sun University day at Delhi University on February 16th. A chance for me to meet a lot of really...
on Feb 2, 2006
When JVM spends %98 of it`s time to garbage collections and can not free more then %2 of the memory then an "Out of Memory" exception is thrown. Heap size (the memory space where the progam lives) is calculated according to physical memory. The initial heap size will be set to phys_mem / DefaultInitialRAMFraction. DefaultInitialRAMFraction is a command line option with a default value of 64....
on Apr 28, 2005
On March 15, 2005 11:00 A.M. PST (19:00 UTC), Ross Knippel and I will be in a chat room answering questions about Sun's HotSpot virtual machine. I'll handle questions about storage allocation and garbage collection, while Ross handles questions about the runtime compilers. Between us we'll answer questions about performance and how to improve it (and how not to improve it)....
on Mar 11, 2005
You might have noticed that in addition to the Tiger source snapshots, we have just posted a Mustang source snapshot under the Java Research license. So now we have two code lines being actively worked on: we continue to find bugs in Tiger and fix them in update releases, and we have on-going development in Mustang. That's bound to be confusing. I'm a HotSpot virtual machine engineer so I'm...
on Nov 17, 2004
I was into Java before it even hit 1.0. Back then, it was a clumsy language, but cool in all sorts of ways that C++ and assembler weren't. Writing a networked game took a few hours, rather than three weeks of all-night coding. And even though it was slow (man, it was slow), it was new, and cool, and sexy... Then there were the Java 1.2 days, when somehow a simple HashMap was the greatest thing on...
on Sep 23, 2004