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During my last years before getting the master degree, I have been working at a free flight simulator. It run under DOS and was named FGFLY. It was written in C++, initially Borland C++ and later Watcom C++, in order to use a memory extender to bypass the infamous 640k limit. At the time I just was a student able to earn a few money with programming, and couldn't allow to spend a lot in hardware...
on Sep 18, 2009
Java Power Tools Bootcamp sessions are coming up fast in Sydney and Wellington - come see what the buzz is about! For those in Europe, sessions are scheduled for Paris and London and in February next year. The Java Power Tools bootcamps provide a great way to give your Java development a boost and introduce some kick-ass tools, techniques and tricks into your daily development routine. This...
on Sep 14, 2009
At JavaOne 2009, Sun demonstrated a new JavaFX designer tool. You can even view the demo online. To shortcut right to the section that shows the tool, move to about 23:00 minutes into the video. There are obvious questions that are not answered. So obvious, in fact, that I'm slightly baffled that I can't yet find an answer: Where is this new tool? Is it a standalone tool separate from...
on Jun 10, 2009
As I mentioned in my previous blog, the guys over at IntelliJ are working hard on getting Java EE 6 support in, including JSF 2. It's now available as part of an Early Access Program, and is available for download. As a very early release, so expect bugs - but this is still exciting news.
on May 26, 2009
I am preparing myself to teach at a post-graduation course that is going to start in May. I will be responsible to teach and discuss around architecture and despite software architecture will drive most of the discussion, I will be also presenting topics like business architecture, enterprise architecture, information architecture, etc. Helping to support most of these architectures is the...
on Apr 19, 2009
Java VisualVM is a new JDK tool added since JDK 6 Update 7 (<JDK>/bin/jvisualvm). It provides a nice graphical user interface for monitoring and troubleshooting Java applications and integrates several troubleshooting features introduced in JDK 5 and 6 as command-line utilities into this single GUI tool. I like their screencast that shows VisualVM in action. It should help you get started...
on Mar 16, 2009
I have achieved one important milestone for my personal and professional life, which is master
on Jan 4, 2009
The other day I was looking for some software to create mind maps and friend suggested I look at XMind. I was very pleasantly surprised. Not only is this application good looking and written in java (running standalone or as plugin from Eclipse). It is also designed and developed with usability in mind. If you are used to touch typing and don't need to look at the keyboard while typing, this is a...
on Nov 26, 2008
After few months of a fun learning curve - coding WSDL-first Web Services based on EJB 3 and JPA - I found some time to include automated quality tasks in my project with ant scripts of FindBugs and PMD. As expected, the first round of quality assurance returned me a long list of bugs, most of them trivial mistakes like non public fields or unused methods. After the first cleanup, some bugs...
on Aug 17, 2008
The next Java Power Tools Bootcamp is planned for Auckland, between the 11th and the 14th of August. This is the first Auckland session, and I'm certainly looking forward to it. Places are limited, so don't miss out! And for those who missed out on the first Java Power Tools Bootcamp in Wellington, another bootcamp has been scheduled in Wellington for the 25th-28th of August. The Java...
on Jul 5, 2008
If you aren't already using Findbugs then hopefully you've at least heard about it by now and have some idea of how useful it can be. If not, then let me say that FindBugs is a must have tool in the arsenal of any Java developer and any development team that's not using it as part of their regular development practices is incompetent. Bill Pugh has done a fantastic job making FindBugs a great...
on May 9, 2008
A Key Tool For Centralized Administration   There is an almost endless need for security as the attack of all sorts of criminal hackers and hordes continues. Authorities on network/computer administration say that centralized management of a company’s computers is the key. Clearly that is true, you hire the best and brightest to manage and develop policies for how your companies IT...
on Apr 22, 2008
One responsibility of the JavaFX Script compiler project is to deliver a programming guide for the language. One mark of a good programming guide is that it has lots of short code examples which demonstrate the language, and as the language evolves, it's really important that the guide be updated to match the definition. Review should find most cases where the documentation no longer describes...
on Apr 21, 2008
Few months ago drive in my notebook stopped working and I lost some data which I was very sorry about. That's when I started to look into some backup solution. Then recently I found this little (physical size wise) disk - WD MyBook World Edition 2TB. Since memory of having lost my data is still fresh in my mind I configured this drive to run in RAID-1 mode even though it meant reducing size to...
on Apr 16, 2008
The Java Power Tools Bootcamp is coming up fast - May 12th for San Francisco, June 17th for London, August 11 for Auckland, and September-October for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The response so far has been enthusiastic, but it's still not too late to register. This training course is based on the Java Power Tools book, which should hit the shelves in the next few days. It's packed full of...
on Apr 14, 2008
Henrik Kniberg, author of the very useful Scrum and XP from the Trenches, has written an interesting article on SCM in an Agile context in Version Control for Multiple Agile Teams. He describes, in practical terms, his implementation of the so-called "stable trunk" pattern for Agile development methodologies. In this approach, your trunk contains a release-ready version of your code, and...
on Apr 9, 2008
Andy Glover, on the TestEarly blog, recommends the Java Power Tools Bootcamp, coming up this May in San Francisco, and later on in London, Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Groovy, man!
on Apr 7, 2008


I'll be leaving the bay area on Monday to give a talk about Hudson in JavaZone 2009. The talk will include both the general introduction of Hudson, as well as some of the advanced topics. Europe has a lot of Hudson adoptions (possibly better than in the U.S.), so I'm hoping to meet with many of Hudson users and developers there. I'll be back next Friday. I was hoping to take a few days off in...
on Sep 4, 2009
Bonjour, Comment Java? This coming Thursday(08/27/09) 'll be at GooglePlex (Mountain View) for an Eclipse Day...The entire genda is at 2 presos seem to be very interesting so far: OSGi for Eclipse Developers Deploying Successful Entreprise Tools and possibly others...The Google crowd is impressive. There is a waiting list for people who...
on Aug 24, 2009


Update: JavaFX Mobile development now also available for Mac OS! Caveat when using NetBeans 6.7.1: After installing NetBeans 6.7.1 with JavaFX you should be able to build and run JavaFX applications on the Windows Mobile EA just fine. However, NetBeans 6.7.1 prompts you update JavaFX though the update center. Do not perform this update as there is an incompatibility between this update and the...
on Jul 27, 2009