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With the newcomer Vaadin module I updated the Arena Project script to support builds on Windows platform. Not a big deal in terms of configuration but it is worthy a notification in case you had tried to build the project before and got frustrated with the Platform Classifier restricted to the UNIX-family. Why to use Platform Classifiers? The lack of a good Maven support for the Glassfish...
on Nov 9, 2009


After few months of a fun learning curve - coding WSDL-first Web Services based on EJB 3 and JPA - I found some time to include automated quality tasks in my project with ant scripts of FindBugs and PMD. As expected, the first round of quality assurance returned me a long list of bugs, most of them trivial mistakes like non public fields or unused methods. After the first cleanup, some bugs...
on Aug 17, 2008
How many times you observed someone modifying the code formatting of Java classes and other people getting crazy about the lost of the project history from the Concurrent Versions System? At first sight it seems just a problem of communication - someone is not following the company standards or something like that. But think again - is it really a human problem, or our tools are not wise enough...
on Nov 29, 2006
Activities Report #02: Planet Earth, 2006 A.D.Workstation: java.netModule: Cejug-ClassifiedsStatus: active MEMBERS PROFILE: orrego: Spanish native speaker. OS: MacOS 3.1. IDE: Sun Studio Creator. rajesh_sannareddy: Indish native speaker. OS: Linux 3.1. IDE: Eclipse. robot: en_US default locale. OS: Solaris. IDE: console. raphael_paiva: Portuguese native speaker. OS: Windows...
on Feb 9, 2006
Cejug-Classifieds have become popular these days and several new developers have asked about how to configure their development environment. I first tried the traditional way publishing some documents such as the Reference Guide and posting detailed messages in the developers mailing list. That effort revealed itself weak and many developers remain out of work just because they don't have much...
on Dec 19, 2005