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Bonjour, Comment Java? This coming Thursday(08/27/09) 'll be at GooglePlex (Mountain View) for an Eclipse Day...The entire genda is at 2 presos seem to be very interesting so far: OSGi for Eclipse Developers Deploying Successful Entreprise Tools and possibly others...The Google crowd is impressive. There is a waiting list for people who...
on Aug 24, 2009


After the NetBeans edition, Ajax jMaki is now available in the Eclipse edition.   body{ color: #333; font: 13px 'Lucida Grande', Verdana, sans-ser: jMaki Eclipse ...or jMaki NetBeans
on Feb 14, 2007
Bonjour, comment Java? Ajax jMaki plugin ( for NetBeans is evolving rapidly. Now, a new set of JSP wizards is available to create JSP files following well defined CSS styles. After installing this add-on plugin, you'll have access to the jMaki palette for easy Drag and Drop of Ajax components from dojo library, yahoo toolkit, google, etc as seen in this visual gallery,...
on Nov 7, 2006
pre { padding: 5px 5px 5px 7px; color:#fde006; background:#848484; border: 1px dotted #ccc; margin-left: 20px; margin-right: 20px; overflow: auto; overflow-x: auto; } Bonjour, comment Java? Wouldn't be great if by just writing this: <p>&lt;a:ajax name="sudoku" /&gt;</p> in one of your Web Application JSP files, you would get this? Or by typing: <br>...
on Jun 15, 2006
Bonjour, I am busy, really busy, updating the J2EE chapters of  the NetBeans IDE Field guide book. The second edition should be out later this year: new exciting features like Matisse Swing GUI builder, Profiler, NetBeans RCP platform are covered. On the J2EE side,we now have Sun App Server 8.2/8.1 and current 9.0 (Beta is very soon)  support, as well as BEA Weblogic and JBoss servers...
on Jan 17, 2006
Bonjour, comment Java? So tomorrow is the big show from Apple. Many rumors, as usual, many of them related to the Intel processors. So if this is real tomorrow (I am not saying anything more than "if..."), then you should know that the combination of NetBeans 5.0 and the Sun J2EE 1.4 Application Server has been already tested on the Mac/Intel platform.  In fact, I fixed a P2 bug (unable to...
on Jan 9, 2006
Bonjour, If you want to learn more about EJB 3.0, Persistence, Annotations, NetBeans, GlassFish, Java EE 5, JSF, Crud, Ajax, Ease of Development, Java BluePrints, and you are around Antwerp (Belgium) in December 2005, you need to attend Javapolis 2005. This year, there is a Development Tools day, and NetBeans will be well represented. I will be presenting the current status of both the...
on Nov 21, 2005
Bonjour, comment Java? Yesterday The announcement of the collaboration between Sun and Google has been well received and talked about. So what about NetBeans and Google? I wanted to test the new NetBeans 5.0 Beta wizards to develop  new NetBeans modules, and guess what  I was able to do in 16 minutes? Well, a Google search Toolbar inside the NetBeans toolbar... See the result...
on Oct 5, 2005
Bonjour, comment Java?  GlassFish Open Source Java EE 5 Application Server or NetBeans 5.0 Beta IDE,  running on a PlayStation Portable PSP? ...Not yet: you would need a Java VM implementation on this exciting new platform...Anyone aware of such an effort? The good news is that you can now install both the GlassFish application server or the latest beta of NetBeans IDE on...
on Sep 28, 2005
Bonjour, comment Java? Today, I'll be talking at Java One about the Java EE 5 specifications, how it simplifies the life of developers, and what a developer can expect from  the Tools side  to help them even more...If you are around, see TS 7725. For the others, here are some preview images of what NetBeans could offer soon, targetting Java EE 5 servers, like for example the new kid...
on Jun 28, 2005