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I wish I had a terminal program that distinguished (i.e. with different colors) standard output, standard error, standard input, command input, and the command prompt. It would be obvious when I wrote a command that is waiting for user input so that I don't wait for my program to finish when it is waiting for me to enter input (this usually happens with shell scripting when I forget to provide...
on Dec 18, 2007
I have been telecommuting 1-2 days/week for a few years so I present the following tips to those who want to telecommute: Practice communicating by email (especially when it is easier to talk in person about something) so you get better at writing emails that are complete and easy to understand. Practice doing as many normal activities on your telecommuting days as possible. Minimize "waiting...
on Dec 17, 2007
As I build *nix piped commands I find that I want to see the output of one stage to verify correctness before building the next stage but I don't want to re-run each stage (especially when steps are expensive). Does anyone know of a program that will help with that? It would keep the output of the last stage automatically to use for any new stages. I am visualizing a tabbed GUI where each tab is...
on Aug 22, 2007
One way that I evaluate a new IDE is by opening a file in a fresh install and determining how much I can do with that file. Obviously features that need to know about the other files in the project won't work. I recently tried to use NetBeans and JDeveloper to generate getters and setters. Neither would allow me to do that and one of them allowed me to choose that menu item but it just did...
on Aug 21, 2007
I use Source Insight as my primary IDE. I like it because: It starts quick (so that exiting, renaming code directories, and starting doesn't take long) It is extensible (so it can syntax highlight internal file formats and parse output of other programs) It is easy to learn: Just start it and you can start editing files. I started using it before I even heard of many of the current "big names...
on Jul 23, 2007
Searching my code and other files outside my IDE is something that I need to do often but I haven't found a good solution. I have tried: Windows XP search: slow Google Desktop: indexing prevents renaming directories, hanging when using remote desktop, and IT prohibited because of security Copernic Desktop Search: same renaming problem, seems to not keep index up to date. Command line find and...
on Jul 19, 2007
Some of my co-workers had their cvs login name changed so we had the problem where every directory checked out from cvs had a CVS subdirectory with a Root file in it that had the old username. The easy way was to delete all checkouts and checkout again but if that would cause the loss of data we needed a different solution. I handled my machine by doing a Windows search for all Root files, adding...
on Jul 2, 2007