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Sam Dalton and I are running a JSIG session about Java development on Mac OS X next month... Java Development on Mac OS X The Mac OS X platform is gaining ground with developers because of its stable UNIX based architecture, easy to use UI and integrated Java runtime. This session discusses experiences of Java/J2EE development on Mac OS X, talking about the advantages and disadvantages of...
on Feb 24, 2004
I've recently started using Clover on my open source projects and it's an amazing product. I've not used the Ant tasks yet, but I am using the integration with IntelliJ. Wow, this is probably one of the most impressive products since IntelliJ itself! If you've not seen Clover before, it's basically a code coverage tool that will help you identify what sort of coverage you are achieving during...
on Nov 6, 2003
After a few weeks of working on a project in our offices, a new environment is in the final stages of being set up and we've made the move over to the client site. The work that we've been doing so far has been more like prototyping/proof of concept development. As far as tools go, we've had an almost free reign on what we've been using. Me? I've been using J2SE 1.4, Ant, IntelliJ and some other...
on Sep 2, 2003