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I switched to using Subversion a few months ago and I love it. So much so that I regret not having made the move sooner. Prior to Subversion I was a CVS user. Regrettably, I still am in many ways. SourceForge does not provide Subversion services as an alternative to CVS. I maintain one project on SourceForge. I'm discovering that I like Subversion enough that I'd consider switching for it...
on Dec 15, 2004
When I used to work on Windows computers, I used Ctrl+F4 to close windows. That held true across applications. I've been working on MacOS X now for about two years and the modus operandi for closing windows is Command+W. Why do I bring this up? Because I have been interested in trying out NetBeans 4.0. I noticed that RC2 now is available for MacOS X. One of my biggest wishes in my current...
on Dec 15, 2004
I recently downloaded the M1 release of Eclipse for Mac OS X and I'm really pleased with the improvements over the previous release. The biggest change by far appears to be improvements to the underlying SWT implementation for OS X. These improvements are quite noticeable in the application's performance, stability, and general interaction with the IDE. The editor feels speedier...
on Jul 1, 2003