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Interested in exploring the capabilities of the OpenSolaris OS? A Sun Learning Services beta program makes it really easy: You can run the OS from a browser—with no downloads or installations, for one hour at a time. Brian Leonard's June 18 posting on the OpenSolaris group blog, The Observatory, has the details, complete with screen shots and important tidbits of information from the launch...
on Jun 25, 2009
Have a look at the transcript of the May 28 OpenSolaris live chat, at which several senior OpenSolaris folks answered questions posted by the attendees. Among the questions are— What's the future of Solaris 10? How will OpenSolaris and Solaris coexist in the future? Can I install OpenSolaris without Gnome? What are the virtualization options for OpenSolaris? What is Virtual Wire? Can I...
on Jun 10, 2009
In a recent posting, Sun's Ian Murdock shares his take on how operating systems affect application developers' day-to-day tasks. In the case of OpenSolaris, developers would surely welcome the opportunity to take advantage of outstanding capabilities like DTrace and ZFS if they are integrated into the tools for developing applications? OpenSolaris has won many positive reviews since its inception...
on May 19, 2009
The OpenSolaris Information Resources wiki well deserves a shout-out. Three major sections at the top link to information for three different audiences: users, system administrators, and developers. You can then drill down and access a valuable pool of references—tips and tricks, tutorials, task lists, forums. Remember that the site is a wiki, hence open to contributions. Just follow the...
on Apr 29, 2009
A March article on Sun Developer Network, Managing Boot Environments With OpenSolaris Package Manager, tells you how to manipulate BEs in the OpenSolaris OS. That is, efficiently and safely install, update, or delete software.The article starts with an illustration of an example BE, followed by the steps to create and delete BEs, also to change the default BE. The tools involved are Package...
on Apr 11, 2009