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4 New Screencasts: LWUIT, JDTF, JSR 290, and JavaCard Our documentation team has put together four brand-new screencasts on current subjects. They are 5 minutes each in length and a great way to get introduced quickly to the highlights of each topic. I encourage you to have a look: LWUIT (Lightweight User Interface Toolkit) screencast A 5-minute overview to jump-start your understanding of LWUIT...
on Sep 4, 2009
WIPJAM has become a fixture on the conference circuit ... if you've never been to one of these then this is your chance to experience it. What is WIPJAM@OSiM, you ask? Find out all about it here - and be sure to register! I'm looking forward to it and I hope to see you there! Also, if you're planning to attend OSiM World - I just got word I'll be part of the panel on day 1 at 14:00 titled "...
on Sep 4, 2009


The refcard discuss the following items:  The BDB Family : An introduction to different DBD family members, including BDB Base Edition, BDB XML edition and BDB Java Edition with tables comparing their features. Key Features: Key features of BDB family members and BDB Java Edition exclusive features are explained here Introducing Berkeley DB Java Edition includin: Installation: How to...
on Sep 1, 2009


Bonjour, Comment Java? This coming Thursday(08/27/09) 'll be at GooglePlex (Mountain View) for an Eclipse Day...The entire genda is at 2 presos seem to be very interesting so far: OSGi for Eclipse Developers Deploying Successful Entreprise Tools and possibly others...The Google crowd is impressive. There is a waiting list for people who...
on Aug 24, 2009

Open Source

Micromata GmbH, specialist for tailor-made software engineering, headquartered in Kassel, presents the first Java interface for easy access to KML (Keyhole Markup Language). Micromata will release JAK (Java API for KML) to the community as open source software. The open source project is now available to download at: and
on Aug 14, 2009
It has been a while since my last post, but I'm back :) I worked hard on new features that will bring GWS Deployer to another level. You can check the features that were there before 1.9.17 in my previous post here It will be easier to list the new features by looking at the command line parameters. [prettify]
Usage: com.sun.grizzly.http.servlet.deployer.GrizzlyWebServerDeployer&#10...
on Aug 7, 2009
InfoBrasil - TI & Telecom InfoBrasil is the second biggest Information Technology fair in Brazil, with main focus on business opportunities and industry networking. In 2009 the event is celebrating its 15th edition with a special program and the participation of entrepreneurs, academic researchers and students. InfoBrasil also includes a technology congress with prizes to the best papers....
on Jun 3, 2009
Recently, I caught up with Lee Bieber, a Sun engineering manager in charge of, among other projects, Drizzle, Sun's open-source project for a lightweight, optimized SQL database for cloud and Web applications. He mentioned a demo application being developed by his team to create a highly scalable search engine that retrieves, indexes, and searches for data. The application will be a key demo at...
on May 27, 2009
I did some enhancements to DisplayTag. You can start by reading my previous post on DisplayTag. There were some features that I needed and Displaytag didn't have them. I took the source code and I did it. The enchancements are not in Displaytag trunk, you will have to take my build or add it your self to the trunk. I didn't see recent activities on DisplayTag, but I would like to see them...
on May 4, 2009
Few days ago Tushar Joshi asked me how to use the Footprint Library to publish certificates with Marathi characters. This was a nice challenge since I had never realized Footprint was released without support for TrueType Fonts, but everything worked and now the library supports unicode characters. The major change was in the config file, where a new element arose: <fonts> ...
on Apr 26, 2009
The little baby : Grizzly http-deployer just moved from contrib to modules since release 1.9.11. Grizzly Http-Deployer evolve since my previous post New Grizzly enhancement : Servlet AutoDeployer. There are few new options. Let's describe the new command line params. Support multiple paths for application deployment -a warfile1;warfile2 or --application=warfile1;warfile2 ";" is File....
on Apr 8, 2009
A recent article in The Guardian presents an informative analysis of how the recession is affecting adoption of open-source software. Bottom line: The cost factor matters, but of course, and more companies are experimenting with the adoption of open-source software as a cost-saving alternative. Tough choices abound. However, continuing improving open-source software, such as Sun-sponsored...
on Mar 31, 2009
What is Fotprint Project? Footprint is a publisher and distributor of certificates of participation in conferences - signed PDF documents that prove you attended a conference or a course. Usually the companies have some formal process to manage education budget and universities also require some formal documentation in order to accept a participation in an event as part of their...
on Mar 25, 2009
I created a little demo to show how easy it can be to create a kit of classes from DTD and XSD using Maven and JAXB. To generate from XSD schemas In your pom.xml, you will have to add this. [prettify]
on Mar 22, 2009
Yesterday, in a short video interview, Open-Source Technology in Emerging Markets, on The Wall Street Journal, Simon Phipps, Sun's chief open source officer, starts by defining open-source technology and describing its benefits. He then explains why Brazil and South Africa have been assuming a leadership role in open-source technology in government, education, and other areas, mainly for cost-...
on Mar 18, 2009
LinuxWorld's recent interview with Sun VP Jim McHugh is full of enlightening observations on the Solaris OS, which is now open source as the OpenSolaris Project. You'll read about the advantages of Solaris over other platforms, the number of Solaris shipments in the last five years, the latest status of the OpenSolaris Project, the future versions of Solaris and OpenSolaris, and other...
on Mar 11, 2009
Jazoon Rookie freed your voice, and give you a chance to win a fully sponsored Jazoon'09 conference, including voucher + air ticket + accommodation expenses. Some criteria for the competitors: Aged 26 or younger (on 22 June 2009) 20 minutes technical talk Submission Deadline: 15 March 2009 Companies are invited to assist their Jazoon Rookies. Procedure: Submit until 15 March...
on Mar 10, 2009
Few days ago I was prospecting collaborators to my open source project when Björn Jensen - JUG leader of Hamburg - called my attention to the Google Summer of Code 2009 . After a brief reading of the program rules, my teacher vein started to pulse - yes, that's exactly what I was looking for. How it works? I strongly suggest you to visit the program web page and check the official...
on Mar 8, 2009
ZDNet Australia recently published a Q&A with Sun Open-Source Officer Simon Phipps, in which he commented on the following topics: Sun's acquisition of MySQL and its fit in the company's new structure The growth of ("35 million downloads since October" for version 3.0) and the impressive number of plug-ins The developers, Sun and non-Sun, who are hard at work on the "core code...
on Mar 3, 2009
OpenOffice reached a minor milestone in late January by releasing version 3.0.1. No new features, but two enhancements—more robust grammar checks and an increase in the limit of personal word lists—are terrific. OpenOffice has long engendered kudos. About a year ago, version 2.3 was named "the best download of 2007" by CNET. There have been many significant strides since.
on Feb 26, 2009