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Open Source

There's an old saying that the best way to learn something is to teach it. I've been evaluating the Tapestry Web Component Framework for a new project, and I really needed to learn how to use Tapestry's multi-page sortable table. What better way then to create an example application to share with others what I have learned? If you've got an itch to learn a bit about how to use Tapestry's...
on Oct 6, 2004
So the other day, I posted about Java not seeming to be so cool anymore. And I obviously know cool -- I had enough sense to actually grab a mandolin when it came time to have my O'Reilly website picture taken (for the humor-impaired, that was a joke. Gotta' get out from behind the computer once in a while, people!). In any case, it caused quite a stir, it seems, with people agreeing, disagreeing...
on Sep 26, 2004
Security guru John Viega confronts the myths surrounding the security of open source software in his recent article: Open Source Security: Still a Myth. With a title like that, you might want to read through the hullabaloo in the comments at the end of the article. There's only two differences that open source brings to the security equation... First, because the source code is available there...
on Sep 19, 2004
I finally got around to completing something today that I've been wanting to do for a while; provide content to one of the Open Source projects. I actually started out the other day by first creating a patch for the Pluto project to fix the version information being returned from the PortletContext.getServerInfo() method.
on Sep 18, 2004
The projects just keep on coming in the Java Education & Learning community (JELC). Here is this week's crop. didactor Summary-Open source E-learning platform Owner(s)-mediator Description- Didactor is based on didactic principles, rather than on technical or administrative principles (as most of the existing E-learning software is). The Mediator Group, the principal architect, aims for...
on Aug 18, 2004
Jeopardy Project is in an early state. The most painful days are these because we have to make more people interested in our project. We need to provide a starting point. Actually we are really lucky because of the platform we are working on. Java and linux have already proved their success in every need of programmers. Using both java and linux we become platform and hardware independent. Java...
on Aug 5, 2004
I found it very telling that at OSCON, during the Open Source Java session, that Tim O'Reilly was so surprised during the JavaOne session that the developers there did not support an open source'd Java. That stuck with me throughout the week. How could the voice of sooo many people go unheard? They obviously do not have a voice, but how could that be.? If the Apache Software Foundation, and...
on Aug 2, 2004
Open Source Software... A dream that comes true. The only way to create something really valuable under no company pressure. The only way to code it as a hobby while communicating with the programmers from all over the world. One of the best way to improve computing skills. An ideal way to meet with the masters. A long way to walk... What about the human intelligence? I think of software as...
on Aug 1, 2004
What I thought was going to be one of the more lively debates/sessions here at OSCON was a moderated session with Tim O'Reilly, Eric Raymond, Simon Phipps, Bruno "biggest JUG" Pres, from Brazil, and as it turned out Brian Behlendorf. Tim O'Reilly played the voice of reason asking each participant for their views, and really, Brian's was the one that, while we've heard it before, showed the...
on Jul 28, 2004
My Notes on what was said (your mileage may vary and apologies for no links and potential misspellings). -Danese Tim asked how many Java developers at JavaONE were working in Open Source (because he believes that all the interesting stuff in Java is happening in Open Source, like Struts for instance) and he got not many hands. Of course here at OSCon all the developers who are interested in Java...
on Jul 28, 2004
Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference was going on concurrently with JavaOne last week. I watched Steve's keynote presentation via Quicktime after hearing tale that one of keywords of the keynote was "search". In the keynote, Jobs unveiled Spotlight, a very clever and pervasive search infrastructure for Mac OS X Tiger. One of my most favorite authors, Steven Berlin Johnson, says its...
on Jul 3, 2004
Why become an open source developer? I think there are probably as many answers to this question as there are developers. I can only tell you about my decisions. I have been actively developing software professionally for nearly twenty years. I feel, as it is with many of us; it is not only my profession, but also my passion, and my hobby. I delight in learning useful new technologies. In the...
on Jun 27, 2004
Tucked away in the corner of the FISL exhibit hall in Porto Alegre was a stand staffed by the Brazilian group - enthusiastic, friendly, welcoming. I stepped carefully around the mound of food packages the team are collecting for the poor and was greeted by Claudio Ferreira Filho, leader of the group that localised to Brazilian Portuguese. Using just the tools to hand...
on Jun 18, 2004
Correction: At the bottom of my weblog I complained that I cannot redistribute JAXB with my project forcing others to download and install JWSP. Ryan Shoemaker from JavaSoft told me that this is not correct and an updated FAQ entry about this is made available. I am glad to hear this and hope that JAXB can be found on the Maven repository soon. I hope that this confusion helped to clarify this...
on Jun 15, 2004
I just finished adding the Eclipse Public License to Wanna take a look?
on Jun 2, 2004
The Eclipse open source group has named its first new Director. Former Oracle VP Mike Milinkovich.
on May 28, 2004
Here are a few comments and thoughts on various aspects of doing a new release of an open source project. They might not all apply to each project. They might all be obvious. I'm just throwing them out there. Some of these are rules that I've been applying to my open source projects for the last 19 years. Others are from working with the GNOME folks. Others are from integrating software into the...
on May 12, 2004
Quite often an open source project is started because somebody wanted some functionality that didn't already exist (or that they weren't aware of). A small project is released and it will either flourish or languish depending upon whether others find it useful or not. I've seen small one time hacks even become released products from commercial companies. Once such a one-off hack becomes a...
on May 6, 2004
Recently I've been trying to get various open source applications running on Solaris on x86 machines. These were mostly GNOME applications, but some of them were dependant upon underlying libraries that come from the Linux world. I've been having some trouble with some of these software distributions because the author(s) have only ever been concerned with GNOME and Linux. I'm old enough to...
on Apr 28, 2004
No would believe me if I posted this tomorrow (April 1st). I'm still not sure I believe it: Sun hasn't closed the door on open sourcing Java.
on Mar 31, 2004