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Open Source

Welcome to Opensville, Population Zero is a blog that's been referenced by Slashdot right now. It's an interesting blog posting. I've never heard of this William Hurley, but he has an interesting thing to say. When I started with open source, in the 1980's before the phrase "open source" had even been coined and Eric Raymond was still living in Texas (if I remember right) ... there was little...
on Apr 28, 2007
Brazilian portuguese version of this post here Just to confirm what I wrote here, the spring-annotations project is already in its new home. I have just finished uploading the 1.1 beta release files to source forge, please help testing it. So, please for the new downloads and search for documentation just go a href="">here. Some changes for this new version:...
on Mar 25, 2007
It all started on The Server Side where Gavin King accused Genuitec of "skirting waaay to close to an LGPL violation over bundled modifications to Hibernate Tools". Genuitec CEO hasn't addressed this issue, instead choosing to focus on other issues (which sound plausible, but are not relevant to the alleged license violation). Gavin replied by bringing the focus back to the LGPL issue, stating...
on Mar 21, 2007
I've been thinking about MDA tools of late. The Java Power Tools book way initially supposed to include a chapter on these tools, but I'm not sure how much interest there is out there . There are a few O/S UML modeling tools such as ArgoUML and Umbrello (a KDE tool), and MDA tools such as AndroMDA. ArgoUML was a bit limited for round-trip work the last time I looked at it. I haven't played...
on Feb 28, 2007
The code knows ... how to handle Query One of the questions that came up in yesterdays debug hunt was this ... "what to do when the query does not match the data". Lets see what the code has to say. We have a couple of options on the table, and actually all of them are implemented! While this is horrible for client code (they cannot know what to expect) it is great for us since we will...
on Feb 21, 2007
The code always knows Abstract: For the last couple of months the GeoTools community has been creeping  around a problem ... one of quality. I am going to wade in and do something about it; a code reivew. The catch? It is probably going to be my own code. The problem? We have some plugin implementations that do not follow a coding contact. Normally this is not such a big deal (...
on Feb 20, 2007
_uacct = "UA-1337999-2"; urchinTracker(); "Java Power Tools" is a new book that I'm currently working on for publication by O'Reilly. It is basically about software tools and techniques that can contribute to improving the SDLC (Software Development Lifecyle). This includes build tools such as Maven and Ant, CI tools, code quality tools, testing tools, collaborative tools, source version...
on Feb 11, 2007
I recently came across a great article on GroupThink of Irving Janis. GroupThink is a behavior pattern that results in inferior decision making by a group of smart people when the cohesiveness of the group is too high. It happens because of a strong desire of the people to preserve the harmony in the group even if at the cost of better decision making. Open-source projects are also typically run...
on Feb 6, 2007
Five panelists at Sun have produced a net talk, OpenSPARC: Developer Opportunities With the World's First Open-Source CPU. Tune in to find out how the community can benefit from the design code for Sun's UltraSPARC T1 processor.
on Jan 29, 2007
The Ask the Experts session on the Open-Source Java project, sponsored by, is set for January 16-19. Ken Drachnik, Vivek Mody, and Rich Sands will stand ready to respond to your questions online.Before posting, take a look at the FAQ on the topic. You might find the answer to your question there already.
on Jan 10, 2007
Just few days before the deadline of Call for Papers of Jazoon 2007 - the European conference on Java technology. This is the first time Switzerland hosts a big Java conference and the organizers are eager for promoting the event as a brand new opportunity for people with innovative projects to share their experiences and knowledge. Today I had a meeting with the staff of Jazoon and...
on Dec 19, 2006
Increasingly companies are incorporating open communities into their software development strategy. This allows companies to capitalize on expertise and innovation beyond their enterprise boundaries. This works well for markets that can easily attract development communities with cutting edge technology or a sexy problem domain. People are willing to donate time just to get exposure or to learn...
on Dec 13, 2006
In a recent eWeek article, In Sun Gilds Solaris Lily, Jason Brooks says the Zettabyte File System (ZFS), debuted in Solaris 10 6/06, is well worth checking out. ZFS manages storage on the Solaris OS like memory, making the task of adding RAM chips to systems a cakewalk.The article also lauds the built-in virtualization capability, called Containers, in the Solaris 10 OS. You can now create...
on Nov 16, 2006
Finally my friends our great Java language started to become Open Source. What a wonderful and historical date! Monday, November 13, 2006 SUN OPENS JAVA
on Nov 13, 2006
Interested in portals and portlets? Be sure to read this brand new article on Sun Developer Network: Open-Source Portal Initiative at Sun, Part 2: Portlet Repository. Among the coauthors are three Sun portal gurus who are key contributors to the initiative.Of note is the conclusion: The Portlet Repository contributors are committed to a free and open exchange with other portlet sites. No doubt...
on Oct 25, 2006
A new article on Sun Developer Network highlights Sun's open-source portal initiative, which was announced at JavaOne 2006 in May. Read about the objectives, scope, and efforts there. More importantly, visit the project sites and sign up to participate!Other parts in this series with more details will follow in the coming months. I'll spotlight them as they are published.
on Oct 19, 2006
A short article, Sun Reports OpenSPARC Progress, reports on the latest of the project. Heartening to see! Recently formed is the OpenSPARC Community Advisory Board (CAB). One of the memebers, Dave Weaver, is a long-time colleague and friend, whom I used to call Mr. SPARC. Wonderful to see his name in print.Here are two more articles on the subject with more insight: Sun Creates Independent...
on Oct 13, 2006
Google just introduced Code Search, which lets you search "public source code", which I imagine is every OSS project they could lay eyes on. My first search (because I was just looking at the new version of commons-lang), was for "". There were about 400 hits. There were even lots of different StringUtils classes in different apache products.  Though, it is clear these...
on Oct 5, 2006
Introduction Many of today's software development projects are changing the ordinary code/compile/test/debug cycle to accommodate some other concerns, like: keeping track of what is being developed and consequently if the project is achieving its stated quality and goals. Therefore, no matter what process you use, but at some point of the project timeline, the source code [one of your most...
on Oct 4, 2006
As Mark pointed out, I'm investigating the technical details on how we should migrate from TeamWare to a more recent SCM. At the moment I'm busy gathering data about Mercurial to determine the impact it will have on disk usage and time it takes to bringover (the TeamWare equivalent of the Mercurial clone command). I am also working with Kelly on how we should go about an migrate all...
on Sep 27, 2006