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Open Source

I just saw Tim Bray's blog post about the Give One Get One program. He says "I can
on Dec 3, 2007
There sure has been a lot of words flying around this week regarding the Android (gphone) phone. I've been tracking some items about the gphone and it's pretty wild all the different points of view. It reminds me of that story about the blind men trying to describe an elephant, none of them can see the whole thing so they describe the part that they can touch. Okay, risking being called a...
on Nov 7, 2007
A few days ago I bought an iPod Touch.. I've been curious what the buzz about the iPhone was about, but as I have a year still in my Cingular contract I didn't want to get an actual iPhone and the iPod Touch is an interesting compromise. At first I was wowed by the user interface, its responsiveness, how well it responded to flicks of the fingers, the video quality (e.g. playing podcasts), etc...
on Oct 26, 2007
I'm a bit obsessed by electric vehicles and green transportation in general. There's a lot of reasons behind this, from global warming to climate change to global economics to health to stupid illegal wars in the Middle East etc I just see reason after reason why "we" need to move to using different/better ways to move our butts around the world. Normally I post about this elsewhere but I just...
on Oct 23, 2007
Welcome to Opensville, Population Zero is a blog that's been referenced by Slashdot right now. It's an interesting blog posting. I've never heard of this William Hurley, but he has an interesting thing to say. When I started with open source, in the 1980's before the phrase "open source" had even been coined and Eric Raymond was still living in Texas (if I remember right) ... there was little...
on Apr 28, 2007
You may have heard of this announcement "it's a matter of when" .. well, that's turned into a lot of planning and meetings and discussions inside the java team. I haven't been able to post any blog entries, because my time has been consumed with those discussions and there's basically very little I can say because of the nature of those discussions. But what just came to mind is an open source...
on Jun 14, 2006
A couple weeks ago I did a little experiment in community processes. Supposedly community driven processes are better quality because there's more eyeballs. That's an interesting claim, and I wanted to test it. The Register has an article along the same lines as my test: Wikipedia founder admits to serious quality problems My test is written up here: An experiment in community process Basically...
on Oct 18, 2005
On friday I was reading some discussion about open source projects. Among the claims was the typical statement that the thousands of eyeballs results in high quality. The assumption is that with that many people, there is continual ad-hoc testing going on and any problems get spotted quickly. Well, I don't think that's actually the case. First it presumes the project has a lot of active...
on Oct 9, 2005