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Open Source

Some of you most probably have heard about the latest round of "Microsoft against open source". It all started here when a developer of a plugin for various versions of VS.NET has decided to vent his feelings over a two-year long dispute with Microsoft over the license terms of free version of the Microsoft IDE and whether his plugin is in violation of its EULA. There's a lengthy e-mail exchange...
on Jun 6, 2007
It all started on The Server Side where Gavin King accused Genuitec of "skirting waaay to close to an LGPL violation over bundled modifications to Hibernate Tools". Genuitec CEO hasn't addressed this issue, instead choosing to focus on other issues (which sound plausible, but are not relevant to the alleged license violation). Gavin replied by bringing the focus back to the LGPL issue, stating...
on Mar 21, 2007
My previous entry on IBM's hold over Eclipse has provoked an interesting response from the Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. The description of the Eclipse Foundation verbatim is an independent, not-for-profit foundation supporting the Eclipse open source community. Mike provides a few examples of Eclipse projects that have 0 IBM contributors, one of them being BIRT, and another being...
on Jul 27, 2005
Open-source libraries abound. Thousands of projects thrive and (mostly) languish at Apache, SourceForge, CodeHaus and right here at Project directories like FreshMeat, Java-Source and CodeZoo try to make the chaos look less irregular. But above all the rest, there are projects that have changed the field, some of them declining, and some strong as ever. Here are my top three: JUnit...
on Apr 10, 2005
As this blog shows, almost every imaginable field of the programming has been covered with open source Java projects, all vying for the same #1 spot. It may seem at first that this can only be a good thing, competition driving the creators forward to create better and faster libraries. However, not all is fair in this kingdom. A recent survey that has been performed on the XML data binding...
on Jan 11, 2005